Singapore dad caught on video throwing dirty diaper onto another car

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"If he was wise enough, he would have taken the diaper and threw it away, heck, even if keep in his car and throw when convenient also better then leaving it on other people's car..."

Here's one way to get famous on the internet.

A driver in Singapore has achieved online notoriety after he was caught on video tossing a soiled diaper onto another car.

Diaper dumping dad slammed by netizens

The victim, Jonathan Lee, took to Facebook to call out the man for his behaviour, sharing footage that was recorded using his in-car camera.

According to Lee, the incident happened on Saturday (Aug 24) at a carpark in Tampines Mall.

In the video, the man had loaded a stroller into the boot of his car before a woman leaned back to pass him a seemingly used diaper. He looked around to check for passers-by but missed the camera pointing directly at him.

The man then swiftly threw the diaper onto Lee's car in a smooth backhand movement and made a quick getaway — but not before revealing his face and car license plate for all to see.

Lee wrote, "Met an inconsiderate driver who threw his child's used diaper onto my car… You want to be famous? Let's make you famous."

The litterbug, who has been dubbed Diaper Man, was slammed online for his selfish actions.

Singapore dad caught on video throwing dirty diaper onto another car

Singapore dad caught on video throwing dirty diaper onto another car

Of course, because the incident happened in Singapore, people started speculating the possibility of the exposed license plate numbers becoming winning lottery numbers.

diaper dumping

Lee said that he has lodged a report with the National Environment Agency.

If found guilty, Diaper Man could face some hefty fines. Under the Environmental Public Health Act, the maximum fine for a littering offence is $2,000 for the first court conviction, $4,000 for the second conviction, and $10,000 for the third and subsequent convictions.

Unfortunately, he is far from being the only inconsiderate parent out there. Just last week, a woman made headlines for burying a soiled diaper in the sand at a beach in Boracay.

With the ubiquity of cameras nowadays, it's probably best to dispose of your diapers the proper way, unless you want your reputation to go down the toilet.

This article was republished with permission from AsiaOne.

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