Development checklist: baby at 18 months

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Check out what all your baby at 18 months can do!

baby at 18 months

Where should your baby be at baby at 18 months?

A baby’s development varies from month to month. Your baby at 18 months can do certain things that weren’t possible a few months back.

While it is true that each baby develops at a different pace, it is important to check your own baby’s development to ensure that there aren’t any significant delays.

Physical development of baby at 18 months

Your baby at 18 months already has superb gross motor skills. By closely monitoring your child, you’ll find that they have started to:

  • Confidently walk and run. Stumbles and falls may happen but these aren’t causes for concern since adults often do these as well.
  • Throw objects. A baby at 18 months should be consistently trying to throw items with either arm. Although the objects don’t go very far, it is the baby’s effort that counts.
  • Kick objects. Watch closely for your baby might be the next David Beckham. When your baby comes across a ball at 18 months, they will try to kick it albeit unsuccessfully.
  • Pick up and hold objects. At this age, your baby will pick up and hold a crayon, pencil or pen in a fist and try to use it. You should have a collection of million of pieces of artwork at this stage.
  • Stack. Be it blocks, cups, or toys, your baby at 18 months should be obsessed with stacking, demolishing and stacking again.

baby at 18 months

Does your child do most of these things on this checklist?

Social development of baby at 18 months

  • Just like most toddlers, your baby at 18 months should be able feed themselves due to proper spoon handling.
  • At this age, babies play together, but don’t really interact with each other. They will observe each one’s actions.
  • Your baby at 18 months is slowly becoming independent. Asking of food or toys will be a norm instead of just staying with what’s given.
  • At home, your baby will want to play with several people all at once. As long as surrounded with familiar people, your baby will want to be the centre of attention.
  • Temper tantrums start at this age so be aware.
  • A baby at 18 months can identify when a parent is away and might react negatively.
  • Babies at this age may choose to disobey their parents just because they want to.

Intellectual development of baby at 18 months

  • Although speech isn’t properly developed, your baby at 18 months can understand so much more.
  • Babies at this age can identify “yes” and “no” and will even nod or shake their heads.
  • A baby at 18 months can cleverly imitate different sounds of animals.
  • At this age, your baby’s memory skills are beginning to develop and will be showcased through actions.
  • Your baby at 18 months can finally follow basic and simple directions.
  • Identification of common things usually starts taking place.

Checking the list above, is your baby at 18 months aptly developed? Tell us what you think and leave a comment below.

Learn more about developments of a baby at 18 months by viewing the video below:

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