How to put together a dessert table for your kid's party for $150

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If you're throwing a party for your child's upcoming birthday but don't want to burn a hole in your wallet, here's how you can create a fabulous dessert table which is not only easy on the pocket, but also healthy and guilt-free!

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Need some healthy dessert table ideas for not more than $150?

Whether it’s your baby’s Full Moon party, your child’s birthday bash or any other occasion to invite some friends and family over to celebrate a particular milestone, a dessert table with lots of tasty goodies and snacks will add a special touch to your social event.
If you’re unsure where to begin and how exactly to put a dessert table together without having to fork out too much cash or hiring the services of an expensive party planner, here are a few great ideas to help get you started.

The best part is that you can buy everything you need from under one roof, plus it’ll all cost no more than $150!

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Create a dessert table according to a theme that your child would love

Setting up the dessert table

Not only do you need to get all the yummy treats for the party, you’ll also have to set up the dessert table and display all the goodies.

Think of a theme that your child likes (such as their favourite cartoon, animal, sport, storybook, or nursery rhyme) so it’ll be easy to piece everything together.

Use a reusable or disposable table cloth from a FairPrice supermarket as a canvas for you to stick decorations or hang balloons from.

Keep your display symmetrical and play with heights to save space and add dimensions to the whole look.

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Flowers can really brighten up the look of your dessert table

Some FairPrice outlets even offer cool DIY balloon bouquets or arches for that festive touch; or fresh flowers will also add pops of colour to your dessert table.

You can also grab a bunch of your kid’s toys or storybooks that suit the party theme and arrange them on the dessert table.

There isn’t really a right or wrong way in setting up a dessert table and it’s really up to your own creativity and imagination, so remember to just have fun!

Ideas for busy mums

We all know that being a mum is not an easy job and planning a fancy party for your little one might stretch you (and your dollar!) a little thin.

So here are some suggestions of and some delicious and easy-to-make recipes using simple ingredients, and healthy but affordable snacks you can easily grab off the shelves at any FairPrice supermarket in Singapore.


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Choose cookie cutter shapes according to your party theme

Cookie-cutter sandwiches

What you need: FairPrice Wholemeal Bread ($1.65), Peter Pan Reduced Fat Peanut Butter – Creamy/ Crunchy ($4.45), Glory Nyonya Kaya – Less Sugar ($3.30), Delhaize Bio Organic Hazelnut Spread ($6.50), Streamline Reduced Sugar Jams – Blackcurrant/ Fruits of the Forest ($3.95)

What to do: Using the cookie cutters, press out fun shapes from the bread and serve it with different spreads — or you might also want to switch the sweet bread spreads for savoury options such as egg mayo, chicken mayo or tuna mayo.

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Yoghurt, muesli and fresh berries go very well together

Muesli and cereal bar bites

What you need: F&N Alive Bars – Oat & Chocolate/ Mixed Fruits Nut/ Strawberry & Yoghurt ($5.95 for 6 bars), Alpen Light Cereal Bars – Summer Fruits/ Cherry Bakewell/ Blueberry & Cranberry/ Chocolate & Fudge ($6.50 for 5 bars), Yogood Yoghurt Coated Muesli Bars – Strawberry/ Blueberry Cranberry/ Cranberry Mango/ Wildberry/  ($6.25 for 6 bars), Marigold Low Fat Yoghurt – Natural ($6.25), US Driscoll Raspberries ($6.95)

What to do: Cut each muesli or cereal bar into smaller pieces and place them into individual muffin liners or small plastic bowls, then top them with low fat yoghurt and any fresh berries of your choice.


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Lightly dust some icing sugar on top of store-bought muffins for that polished look

Baked goodies

What you need: Sunshine Little Buns – Chocolate/ Red Bean/ Custard ($2.20 for 8 pieces), Top One Muffins – Chocolate/ Vanilla/ Blueberry/ Banana ($2.30 for 2 pieces) Sunshine Enriched California Raisin Buns ($2.30 for 6 pieces), SIS Icing Sugar ($1.95)

What to do: Place the buns, muffins or rolls onto decorative trays, lightly dust on some icing sugar on top and display them alongside some cute toys so they are Instagram-worthy.

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This refreshing treat is easy to make and tasty to eat!

Fruit skewers

What you need: USA/ South America Blueberries ($2.50), Cape Red Seedless Grapes ($2.85), S&W Sweet 16 Pineapple ($2.85), Australian Sunkist Navel Oranges ($5.95), US Driscoll Raspberries ($6.95), HomeProud Bamboo Skewers ($1.30) and other fruits of your choice

What to do: Cut the fruits into bite-sized pieces, or use cookie cutters for more fun shapes, then stick them through bamboo skewers to create a refreshing rainbow delight!


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Banana ice cream is not only tasty and easy to make, but it’s healthy too!

Banana and strawberry ice cream

What you need: Ripe bananas, Hershey’s Natural Unsweetened Cocoa Powder ($6.62), Emborg Frozen Strawberries ($6.00)

What to do: Blend some frozen bananas and strawberries to create a delicious cool treat and add a few spoons of cocoa powder into the blender for a chocolatey flavour — or lightly dust it on top of the banana ice cream for that finished look.

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