Celebrate your kid's birthday in style: 7 child-friendly party places

Celebrate your kid's birthday in style: 7 child-friendly party places

Love the idea of a balloon-filled environment, with children friendly waiters, big seats for both parent and child; and kid-friendly food? Read on...

So its your kid’s 5th birthday and you’re tired of going back to the same club or restaurant to celebrate. What do you do? Love the idea of a balloon-filled environment, with children friendly waiters, big seats for both parent and child; and kid-friendly food?

Well you need a nice list of child-friendly food venues that not only make planning a birthday party with 20 kids running around freely easy, but also one that will give the kids a stomping good time!

Continue reading if this sounds like something you need:

  1. Cafe Melba
Kid's birthday party venue

Kid’s birthday party venue- Image Credit: Emilie Art Photography

Cafe Melba gets a thumbs up from us for being one of the most kid-friendly ones in Singapore. With a wide open area equipped with bouncy castles, football patches and a massive lawn just outside the dining area, it is perfect for active children and their friends to run and explore the are.

The food is healthy and with a wide variety, it is no surprise many rate this as one of the top spots for a kids birthday party.


2. Jamie’s Italian 

jamie's italian 1

Image Credit: Jamie’s Italian Singapore Facebook

Bite sized portions, nutrient filled goodness and attractive presentation are just some of the reasons Jamie’s Italian makes for a great place to hold a children’s party. At Jamie’s, both adult and child can enjoy the great Italian cuisine matched with VIP treatment.

Children are entertained by the friendly staff at the herb garden, brought around the restaurant to make some of their own pasta with the pasta making machine and best of all, a once in a lifetime experience of making their very own Italian pizza. Bound to intrigue the children, the children can then enjoy their very own handmade work in a meal form.

For the younger children, Jamie’s has them covered too. Stickers, crayons and colouring material are constantly on standby for the artist in every child!


3. Kith Cafe

kith cafe kids 670

Outdoor tables, play areas and large outdoor space are just some of the reasons for Kith Café’s popularity in the kid’s birthday party venues department. Extremely popular on the weekends, bookings are a must. If you’re looking for a great place to have a children’s party without the fuss, Kith Café is perfect.

Enquire with the staff as they are able to organize magic performances, flying balloons and goodie bags for a package deal.


  1. Little House of Dreams

little house of dreams 670

Located in the same compound as the famous Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Little House of Dreams is a bakery, café and party venue all rolled into one. With their vibrant coloured VW parked in front of the store, it is hard to miss the shop! Let the kids run wild in this whimsical wonderland with artificial green grass for some great rolling around and rocking chairs that make it feel like home.

Party packages are available for parents looking to take their hands off for the year and let experts plan the children’s itinerary. Let the friendly staff know if there are any food restrictions of your little guests and they might be able to offer you something customised and special!


  1. Tree Lizard

tree lizard

A wonderful place for active kids and their friends, your child will have the best birthday party jumping around the bouncy castle, conquering the playground attractions and playing football on the front lawn of Tree Lizard. Surrounded by the greenery of Dempsey Hill, Tree Lizard is family-friendly and kid-centric.

Children’s menus are available for the hungry little ones, ranging from miniature pizzas to themed burgers and colourful pastas.


  1. Timber @ Gillman Barracks

timbre 650

Featuring a large alfresco dining space, Timbre @ Gillman Barracks appeals not only to the young ones but also the adults involved.

Known for their rocking live band in the evenings, Timber converts an adult-centric haunt into a family-friend wonderland during the mornings and afternoons. Let the kids paint away in the craft-corner and jump around like there’s no tomorrow in the bouncy castle.

If there is a special theme you would like to get planned, let the fun-filled staff know and see if they might be able to help you organise the perfect birthday party for your young one!


Mummies, any other places to add to our list? Do share with us!

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Written by

Pavin Chopra

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