What Makes December Babies Special? Here’s What Science Says

What Makes December Babies Special? Here’s What Science Says

Here are science-backed reasons why babies born around the holidays are truly one of a kind

If you are a mum who is about to welcome a bundle of joy around the holidays, you might be worried that your child will grow up with a birthday that’s constantly outshone by Christmas.

But according to studies, you can actually be excited that your baby will be born in December.

Here’s what December-born babies have going for them, according to science: 

They are easier to rouse and put to sleep

A study done on Italian and Spanish university students found that December-born babies are easier to wake up and put to sleep than those born in the middle of the year. 

They will probably grow up generous, optimistic and funny!

If you are familiar with astrology, then you know that babies born in December are either a Sagittarius or a Capricorn. Sagittarians are described as generous, optimistic, and funny, while Capricorns are viewed as practical, responsible, and self-disciplined.

Of course, the development of these traits are not solely reliant on star signs, but on a parent’s love and guidance.

december babies special

Why are December babies special? They are born early risers! (photo: shutterstock)

They have an academic advantage

Babies born in December are usually the youngest in their class and studies claim this actually helps them excel in academics in the future because as early as kindergarten, they are exposed to more mature or older kids who they can learn from and grow with.

They will most likely become a dentist one day

Though oddly specific, past research actually claims a child’s birth month can influence what profession she pursues as an adult. For babies born in December, a career in oral medicine is most likely in their future. 

They can live to celebrate their 100th birthday!

Babies born in during the Holidays have been known to have a longer life span, according to statistics published in the Journal of Aging Research.

Researchers found that over a 1,000 of their study’s subjects who lived beyond a 100 were born during the last quarter of the year.

Though these are interesting findings, what’s most important is that your baby is born healthy, regardless of when their birthday is!

sources: Motherly, Romper

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