Pregnancy After A Miscarriage

Pregnancy After A Miscarriage

Do you have what it takes to soldier on with another pregnancy after a miscarriage?

British singer Lily Allen made headlines last year for giving birth to a baby girl. Having a baby is always fantastic news but the happiness is threefold for Lily who had suffered two very public miscarriages. Lily suffered her first miscarriage in 2008 at four months along while the other was in 2010 following a viral infection. She was third time lucky exactly a year after her second miscarriage.

When should you try again after a miscarriage?

Pregnancy After A Miscarriage

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Having a miscarriage is a difficult experience for couples to overcome, both physically and mentally. However, most are eager to try to conceive again after the loss…but when?

Many doctors encourage for those who have suffered from miscarriage to wait a certain amount of time before proceeding to get pregnant again but really, there is no precise amount of time given for you to wait. Facebook fan Ràlleëah Móhaméd, tried after one menstruation cycle and conceived after that, others like Linda Seh ‎took 3 years to try again as she had suffered from two consecutive miscarriages.

It takes time for a woman’s body to become strong and healthy again after a miscarriage. If her body is not, then she might suffer a repeat miscarriage.

Doctors usually recommend that those trying for a baby wait for six months to a year before attempting another pregnancy. But there are no medical reasons to this precisely; it is just a guideline for couples to come to term with their loss. Mummy Sharon Loke, who had a miscarriage twice, decided to follow her doctor’s advice and waited between three to six months before trying again. She is now a happy mummy to two adorable boys.

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a miscarriage yourself, then we suggest you do what you feel is best for you.

Giving it another go

Pregnancy After A Miscarriage

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Deciding when to try again is a decision only you as a couple can make. Facebook fan, Adeline Oon said that she, “didn’t want to try for another so soon after the emotional trial, so I conceived about a year after that”. Adeline also shared that her “hubby had to go along with my comfort level before we conceived again.”

If there were medical complications with your miscarriage, make sure to discuss the plans to try again with your doctor first. Remember that your following pregnancy might not be as endearing to you as the first one because of the loss you have already suffered.

Having a miscarriage is as tough as having a child dying on you so take it easy on yourself and hope that the following pregnancy would end up better than the previous one.

Let’s make it smoother

Pregnancy After A Miscarriage

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If you are struggling with your current pregnancy; these are some tips that could make things a bit easier for you.

1.  This pregnancy will be harder than you both physically, mentally and emotionally than other pregnancies so do take care to find a doctor that would understand this.

2. You may want to avoid early preparation for the baby’s arrival. It is heartbreaking to have the baby room all set up but no baby to bring home.

3. You will probably be grieving instead of celebrating your new baby. This is understandable and you must not feel guilty.

4. Your parenting may be influenced by your past loss so moments of panic might occur, especially when the new baby is ill, or too quiet.

5. It is extremely crucial that if you find yourself struggling to love or care for your baby at the best of your ability because you are holding back, then you should speak to a healthcare provider and as soon as possible. Your doctor would then be able to point you to the appropriate support groups.

We wish you the best of luck in your pregnancy!

Question: Have you suffered a miscarriage yourself?

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