Three babies among five stabbed in New York daycare attack

Three babies among five stabbed in New York daycare attack

Later, the woman allegedly tried to take her own life

In a terrible daycare attack that took place on September 20 (Friday), three newborn babies and two adults were stabbed. 

daycare attack

Thankfully, all the babies in the horror daycare attack are now out of danger and are recovering in hospital. Image: stock

Horror Daycare Attack In New York

According to CNN and Channel NewsAsia, the pre-dawn attack took place at a suspected illegal New York childcare centre.

The facility was mostly used by Chinese women who stay there to give birth, before moving back to China. The attack was allegedly carried out by a female employee. 

The 52-year-old female worker had attacked two baby girls and a baby boy ranging in age from just three days to one month old.

She had also stabbed two adults. One of the adults worked at the daycare, while the other is a father of one of the babies. 

New York police Assistant Chief Juanita Holmes told CNN reporters that, “There was one child with more serious injuries than the other two. At one point, we thought she might have been likely (to die), but, thank God, she was upgraded.”

At the time of the attack, nine babies and some of their parents had been in the centre, say reports. 

Thankfully, all of the victims, including the tiny babies, are now out of danger and are receiving treatment in hospital. 

After carrying out the stabbings, the attacker reportedly tried to kill herself by slitting her wrist. She was found in the basement of the centre. 

While the motive of the attack is not clear, police are investigating the matter. 

Editor’s note: While this incident took place very far away from us in New York, it still opens our eyes to some important matters. 

The first is related to the many heartbreaking social issues surrounding migrants in the US and the unimaginable hardships they encounter in a strange country. 

The second issue is related to the first: the mental issues many of these migrants must face. In no way are we trying to justify what the attacker did. But it’s quite clear she was unstable and not fit to care for babies. She needed help, but it’s unlikely she ever got it, or may ever get it. 

This also raises another point: our right as parents to question the qualifications and training of all external caregivers of our little ones.

It’s your right to know this, mums and dads, so don’t hesitate to ask those questions and be aware of all safety policies in your child’s daycare, kindergarten, or school. 

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