Why dads need to bond with their toddlers

Why dads need to bond with their toddlers

Find out how daddy-toddler bonding through play can have long term positive impact on both, father and child.

It is a given that babies need their mummies. But it’s equally true that babies need their daddies too.

When it comes to bonding with our babies, we mums have a secret that we have not let you dads in on…yet.

We will share it with you today. You know all those times that we say we have had enough time with the baby (perhaps too much!) and really need some “Me-time”? In reality, yes we do need that time…but only in small doses.

Give us nothing but “me-time” for the whole day and chances are that we will soon enough want to run back home for some “mummy-baby” time.

Nope, we are not kidding. The truth is that we need to bond with our babies almost as much as they need to bond with us. And we believe it is no different for you dads, although you may not always realise it.

So dads, listen up when we tell you why and how you need to bond with your kids.

daddy-toddler bonding through play My Gym

Dads find it easier to bond with their toddlers during playtime, as it is a setting that many of them are naturally comfortable and at ease in.

Why dads and toddlers need each other

According to experts, fathers are essential to the early development of children and can have a significant influence on shaping them into well-adjusted young adults. Research has also shown that children whose fathers were actively involved with them right from the very beginning tend to:

  • Be more emotionally secure
  • Be better adjusted socially
  • Be more confident and have a higher self esteem
  • Be less likely to get into trouble or use drugs and alcohol
  • Have higher IQs
  • Have healthier notions of gender equality and sexuality

What does it do for you dads? It makes you into a more confident father for starts.

The more time you spend with your little toddler, the more you understand him – his moods, his abilities, his challenges and his character traits.

This makes it easier for you to understand him and engage with him, thus making you a more effective parent.

And if you feel that you are doing a good job of being a parent, you are bound to feel a sense of confidence and happiness which will also translate into other areas of your life.

daddy-todler bonding through play My Gym

My Gym offers one of the best bonding programmes through play for toddlers and dads in Singapore.

Playtime is essential to father-toddler bonding

To be a positive and encouraging influence on your child, you need to be an available, responsible and engaged father. Some of the easiest ways to bond with your child are: read to your child, work on a art or craft project with him regularly, be involved in bath or bed time, create a routine that is just for you and him.

The child realises that this is his special time with dad and responds appropriately.

But you know what the best news is dads: What you love doing with your kid, is probably also one of the best things for him — Play.

One of the best children’s gyms in Singapore, My Gym offers one of the best bonding programmes through play for toddlers and dads in Singapore.

You should definitely sign on for the trial class because it will also give your little ones the chance to see you as Super Dad!

Playtime also allows children to observe their dads in a setting that they are at ease in. It is easier for dads to excel in bonding with their young children through activities that they are most comfortable doing.

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Toddler-daddy time at My Gym

Let’s be honest, as much as dads may want to spend time playing with their kids, reality is that most can probably manage to make it to the park only a couple of times a month.

My Gym is ideal for dads whose otherwise super-packed schedules don’t leave much time as well as those dads who want to spend time with their toddlers but are not always sure how to.

While a dedicated timeslot makes it easier for dads to work it into their schedules, the structured programme during which the toddlers go through a set of activities in a safe environment also makes it easier for dads to be involved.

My Gym is more than just your regular indoor playground. With 80 types of exercises that focus on hanging, balancing, tumbling and agility, the children always find it exciting and enjoyable.

The benefits of My Gym go much beyond that of building physical stamina and flexibility. It is a programme that consciously nurtures important building blocks of a child’s early development.

One of the most important things it does is encourage a “I Can” attitude towards challenges. As they overcome each new physical challenge, the little one develop a deeper sense of independence and confidence in themselves.

By being exposed to a slowly increasing degree of difficulty overtime through the weekly programme, children learn how to negotiate the challenges by not giving up and how to coping with their fears.

My Gym instills these lessons in the best way – through play.

Daddy-toddler pairs at My Gym have a wonderful time learning and bonding over regular sessions. Why don’t you give it a try as well?

Sign up here for the trial class today.

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