Are you a daddy or manservant? Hilarious video will help you determine

Are you a daddy or manservant? Hilarious video will help you determine

"She treats me like a servant. Her needs are URGENT!!!"

With all the hard work that comes with being a parent, you may have often wondered, "Am I parent, or a servant?"

Daddy/vlogger, La Guardia Cross, uses a hilarious poem to help determine under which category he falls. On most days, he feels it's the latter.

In his defense, look at this face:

look at that face

How could you not obey her every demand!?

Cross, through his comical poetry, discusses how every waking hour of the day is dedicated to his little princess.

"When I wake up...she's there..."


Most parents can attest to the decline in sleep you'll experience as a new parent! Cross may not have been done...but he is now.

With just one word, La Guardia goes from this:

with one word

To this...

with one word 2


Cross does just about everything to please the princess of the house. This dad's got his work cut out for him, from prepping lunch and cleaning up after playtime, to back rubs...

back rub

The struggle is real for this daddy. His daughter has an insatiable desire to pester her dad. Constantly barraging her father with "no's" and needs. Her needs are urgent, and her reign is tyrannical.

iron hand

Truth be told there's nothing that a parent wouldn't do for their kids. Cross' video may be laugh out loud funny, but it also does a great job of showing that parents are some of the hardest working people on the planet. It may be a tough job to satisfy the prince or princess in your life, but the rewards are limitless!


Check out La Guardia Cross' entire hysterical video below:


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