Dad learns a lot after trying a birthing pain simulator!

Dad learns a lot after trying a birthing pain simulator!

Could he handle the pain?

Dads, we’ve always known that giving birth comes with excruciating pain for our partners. But have you ever been curious about just how painful it can be? Nowadays, a birthing pain simulator is available in the market for dads to try out, so you too can know what it takes to give birth!

Here’s how an Australian dad reacted to a birthing pain simulator.

Birthing Pain Simulator: From Jokes to Tears

The expectant father can be seen strapped onto a birthing pain simulator and sitting on the chair. Initially, he jokes about needing an epidural and a support person. He continues to laugh as discomfort levels rise to the equivalent of a cervix dilated by 2cm.

However, within a few minutes it becomes clear the pain isn’t a joke. As the “cervix dilates to 8cm” the once optimistic dad stops joking and begins howling in pain. At the end of the video he even tears up, saying “me eyes are crying!” and sincerely “wanting an epidural” before one last contraction. 

On average, expectant mums experience such pain for hours before giving birth. It’s clear from this birthing pain simulator video that mums deserve more respect and appreciation by enduring so much pain in bringing us to the world!

Hubbies, if you have an expectant mum-to-be who is getting ready for labour, here are some tips you can use to help her before the big day and  some tips to be a better spouse.

How Dads-to-be can support expectant mothers

1. By being Understanding and caring for her

  • Do your homework on pregnancy. This helps you understand the different aspects of each trimester. You can also help your wife make better decisions about pre-natal matters.
  • Accept whatever is different about your wife.  Pregnancy is a sensitive time for your wife. She also becomes a different person, so at the very least, sympathise with her changes and go with her food cravings. 
  • Let her sleep. Her energy levels will plummet as the baby grows, so let her recover. You can help by doing the household chores.
  • Be a listening ear. Hormonal changes can also cause a woman to become more emotional and sensitive, so give her assurance to relieve her worries and do activities together.
  • Love and pamper her. She needs you most now, so don’t hesitate with buying new dresses, having massages, or going out to the movies.

2. By Going through the Journey Together

  • Go to the doctor together. Know the important ones, like the ultrasound test and blood works. Being there also gives her moral support and updates you on her and the baby’s health.
  • Plan for the future together. From baby naming to setting up a nursery – your wife has  a lot of things to do. Help her out – it will ease the burden and make great memories.
  • Attend birthing classes together. These classes help both of you to prepare for the emotional and physical aspects of labour, as it is a very exhausting event which both of you need support with. 
  • Make a birthing plan with her – being on the same board makes it easier to make birthing decisions like a C-section. 

And of course, help her during labour. Help her relax by rubbing her hands or back gently. Don’t take her comments personally and be as supportive as possible. On the flip side, do you know what are the big no-nos while your wife is in labour? 

What Dads should NOT do during labour

Dads-to-be, here are a list of things you should STRICTLY PROHIBIT YOURSELVES from doing  during your wife’s big day. 

  • Chatting on the phone with friends
  • Returning work calls
  • Checking stocks or emails
  • Chewing gum or blowing bubbles
  • Hoarding the remote
  • Flirting with nurses
  • Letting your mother in (unless your wife says it’s okay)
  • Socialising with other fathers
  • Taking inappropriate pictures
birthing pain simulator

It should go without saying that your wife is more important than your phone or work during labour.


What Appreciative Dads can do to help post labour 

  •  Take paternity leave. Once the baby has been born, it takes time to get develop new habits as a dad and to get used to family dynamics.
  •  Be softer on your wife. Don’t nag or scold your wife – instead, be supportive and help her around the house. Show her you care and remind her that she’s a great mother.
  •  Leave her alone if she needs to rest and sleep. Remember that giving birth is an exhausting and physically demanding process. Let her recover.
  •  Compliment her. Appreciate her for the little things and tell her how much you love her – this is when she needs it most.
  •  Help her carry your baby to relive her the physical burden.
  •  Get used to doing baby chores. It isn’t easy, but it is also a fundamental duty to do this as a parent. You get better with time and there is information out there, so don’t worry!

We hope that the birthing pain simulator has made you more appreciative of what your wife and mum went through. theAsianparent also hopes this information is useful for rookie and expert dads out there. Remember, your wife went through a lot of pain to give you this family, so appreciate that!

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