Dad kept daughter as a sex slave and fathered 8 kids by her

Dad kept daughter as a sex slave and fathered 8 kids by her

This is a story of deceit, abuse, rape and incest. Read on to learn about the horrors that make this world an unimaginably cruel place to be in.

Rape, abuse and incest are three evils on their own. Imagine how messed up and unfathomable it would be to put all three together? This Argentinian father kept his daughter as a sex slave for more than 20 years and fathered eight kids by her!

UK’s Daily mirror reported that the father, Domingo Bulacio, 56, started raping his daughter when she was just 15 years old. The nightmare started 22 years ago. 

His daughter had taken her son to visit the doctor who enquired about his father. It was then that the truth was unravelled and this ghastly story came to light. 

Bulacio was eventually arrested in January 2016 at a relative’s house in Loreto, Santiago del Estero, after being on the run for 45 days. 

Local reports state that while Bulacio kept his daughter as a sex slave, six of the eight children they had were living in a boarding school in Santiago del Estero. 

The court presented evidence of a DNA test that confirmed Bulacio to be the father of all eight of his daughter’s children.

Where was his wife in all of this, one might wonder. There are conflicting accounts of what happened to her and no one knows the true story.

One account claims that Bulacio threw her out of their home and forced her to leave with three of their children. Other local reports claim that she had died and that the three younger children were living with relatives. 

daughter as sex slave

Domingo Bulacio, who kept his daughter as a sex slave was taken into custodies in Argentina in January 2016.

While reading about a father who kept his daughter as a sex slave might leave you perturbed, the disturbing truth is that this isn’t the only case. Such things happen around the world, more often than you would imagine. This case though is exceptionally sick.

The case of Josef Fritzl, bears an eerie resemblance to this story. He too kept his daughter as a sex slave.

The Mirror reported that Fritzl kept his daughter, Elisabeth, as a sex a slave for 24 years in his guest house in the town of Amstetten. He had seven children with her.

Elizabeth was kept in a soundproof dungeon and raped mored than 3000 times!

His other three children lived considerably normal lives with Fritzl’s unsuspecting wife, Rosemarie. Fritzl manipulated Rosemarie into believing that Elisabeth had run away to join a religious sect. Little did she imagine that he had kept their daughter as a sex slave! 

The horror was revealed when Kerstin, the eldest daughter of Fritzl and Elisabeth, fell into a coma. He took her to a hospital and doctors found her to be in a severely malnourished state.

Four of the children were not allowed to leave the cellar.

One of them, a baby boy, died from respiratory problems and Fritzl cremated him in a wood-burning stove!

Elisabeth was finally granted her exit from the dungeon to visit her daughter in the hospital. She was then arrested and she told the authorities about what her monstrous father had subjected her to.

Fritzl, who recently changed his last name to Mayrhoff, is now serving a life sentence at Austria’s most secure psychiatric prison. He was sentenced to imprisonment in 2009.  

Thankfully, Elisabeth has moved on. She has taken on a new identity and lives in a difference place not far from the house where she had been held captive.

Isn’t it unbelievable that such things can happen? Words can’t describe the pain and horror of a daughter whose father, the one who’s supposed to be the most trustable man in her life, turns out to be a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing! 

Source: New York Post 

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Nasreen Majid

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