Crying newborn calms down watching professional football... every time!

Crying newborn calms down watching  professional football... every time!

Her parents are relieved they have something to bank on each time she starts wailing. Read for tips on how to calm a crying baby.

There are countless ways to calm a crying baby, but this Texas newborn only calms down when watching the Dallas Cowboys play. The video, which is going viral for obvious reasons, shows a wailing Lola Catron calm down as soon as she is shown a video of the professional football team.

All of three months, Lola was born with a congenital heart disease and has already undergone two surgeries. It's no wonder then that she cries, and cries often. According to this report, Her mother Laura says, "Much like parents feel with Frozen, that's how I am with Cowboys games right now." Lola's dad, Bryan Catron adds, "It's literally instantaneous. She just stops and watches the TV. And I'm like, ‘All right, I'm in with the Cowboys.'"

Watch her here:

Laura apparently even tried to get Lola to watch her team, the Broncos, Steelers and Browns. However, Lola had her priorities set. It was just the Cowboys who'd make her stop crying. Heartwarming, isn't it? Well, these parents seem to have figured out what would soothe their crying daughter.

It can be surprising how each baby comes with his set of likes and dislikes. What worked for my baby, might not work for yours. Firstly, figure out why is the baby crying. Babies cry because that’s the only way they can communicate their discomfort. If they are hungry, they’ll cry. If they are cold, they’ll cry. Here are some things to check and act on, to calm a crying baby:

Rock the baby: Newborns are used to a certain vibration as they are nestled in the mum’s womb. Maybe he is just missing that sense of movement.

Colic cry: If the baby is prone to colic, hold him tummy-side down and rub his back gently. This worked with my daughter as she suffered from a terrible three-month colic.

Too warm or too cold? Has the temperature changed suddenly? Is the draft of the air conditioner directly hitting the baby? Or is he feeling too warm, cuddled in those layers? Try altering the room temperature and clothe him accordingly.

Baby’s day out: Maybe he is just bored. Bundle him up (according to the weather) and step out for a walk. Either take the stroller or better, baby wear him. This worked like magic with my girl when she was just a baby.

Is he unwell? Most babies with a cold or flu can get fussy. And there is no blaming them! Best bet would be to take him to the doctor, get the right medication and just wait for the baby to get better. Till then, nothing works like holding the baby in your arms. A mother's touch has an instant soothing effect on babies.

Babies are fragile beings. For new parents, a baby's wail can be quite intimidating. However, it's just a matter of time before you start understanding your baby's nonverbal cues. Think of him as a friend for life and not a mystery you have to solve. Basically, relax!

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