Couple surprise their friends and family with a new baby!

Couple surprise their friends and family with a new baby!

This couple gave their friends and family the best early Christmas gift by surprising them with a brand new baby girl!

Ben and Hanna Hinders surprised almost all of their loved ones by keeping Hanna's pregnancy and birth a secret to everyone!

They thought they couldn't pull it off

The couple, who live in Hawaii, kept the pregnancy a secret for 10 months. They then surprised everyone by visiting Ben's family in Florida along with their little bundle of joy.

The couple filmed everyone's individual reactions as they met little baby Ivy for the first time.

They share that they got the idea after watching a video of a surprise adoption with some of their friends.

Ben shares, "My wife had the idea of, 'Wouldn't it be crazy if we had a kid and didn't tell anybody and then just showed up on their doorstep?' Everybody was like, 'You're insane.'"

'We had to be really stringent'

After the couple found out that they were going to have a baby, they restricted their social media posts. They posted only landscapes from Hawaii and photos of Hannah that didn't show her growing belly.

Ben shares, "We had to be really stringent, I have friends who love Snapchat, and I had to tell them, 'No Hannah in the Snapchat.' I was being the police, and Hannah was unbelievably self-controlled to not share it with anyone."

While they were expecting everyone's surprised reactions, they also thought that some might feel upset about the secret.

He says, "We had some anger come out after the fact, maybe a week or two later. My wife was pretty nervous, but we just thought, it's pretty hard when you meet Ivy to not fall right in love. Nobody was mad for very long if they were mad."

"If she has a sibling, they're going to be so disappointed because we're definitely not doing this again," Ben shares with a laugh.

Watch the awesome video below:

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