Here’s how to make Maths fun for your little one

Here’s how to make Maths fun for your little one

Mum, is your child running away from maths? Make learning maths interesting with cool maths games. Here’s how.

What is it about maths? Some kids take to it like ducklings to water, others run away screaming when they see a sum! We all know that maths skills are essential to have, not just to get through school, but also to work our way through everyday life. So how do you make maths not so scary for little ones? Is it possible to do this through the use of “tricks” such as cool maths games, or incorporating fun mathematical elements in their daily lives?

Encouraging your child to develop a positive attitude towards maths

Despite the importance of maths in our day-to-day lives, it can be tough for some children to develop an interest in the subject. Many kids label themselves as a not-maths-person very early on, and believe that to be true for the rest of their lives.

One of the things we can do as parents is to not let this fear of maths develop in our children in the first place, by using a few clever techniques.

Here’s how you can help your child learn maths with a positive approach.

cool maths games

Cool maths games that your child can take beyond the classroom. Image: File Image

1. Give importance to early maths lessons

Mums, those early maths lessons that we mostly take for granted as parents create the base for your child’s thinking. Experts say that this is the foundation for the work that they will do even after they are grown up.

The learning in this stage is far beyond just counting numbers. You can encourage your child to look for patterns in day-to-day objects, identify shapes they see as you go out shopping, and then get to learning numbers in equally interesting ways. And this brings us to our next point!

2. Make math more meaningful

You can make maths more fun and interesting by showing your child that it exists in the world around them. Use interactive ways like asking them to count the number of letters/numbers on your mailbox or ask them to help with counting vegetables when cooking and so on.

Experts suggest that just like reading to your child, it is equally important that you talk to them about mathematical situations. For example, you can tell them you will give them two hours of playtime and actually show them what two hours is, using the clock.

3. Instill positive thinking about math

As parents, it’s important for you to keep your dislike for maths aside when talking about it with your little one. Experts suggest that kids don’t really care if a task is perceived as easy or hard. Take talking or walking for the first time, for example. Your child perseveres with these “difficult” tasks until he masters them. This is because they know how to push their limits. When it comes to maths, they will display a similar attitude.

cool maths games

Cool maths games your child can practice at home. Image: File Image

So, talking positively about learning the subject and avoiding negative reactions can be the best thing you can do to help them in maths. When you talk about maths in a negative way, kids start believing that it’s a tough subject, and this can hamper the child’s progress.

4. Encourage practicing maths

Mum, just like you need to practice other skills like dancing and swimming, it applies to learning maths as well. So, encourage your little one to practice maths anywhere and everywhere. Whether it is counting cars you cross when traveling or talking to them about their increasing height, it’s all maths in day-to-day life.

5. Foster maths enthusiasm

Work with your child’s teacher to help them develop enthusiasm for maths. Using innovative, teacher-approved methods to create elements of fun and interest around maths is also a great idea. As parents, it’s important to let your child know that although maths needs work, it can also be fun at the same time. A really good idea is to let your kids play with cool maths games to hone their skills in this subject. Now before you get alarmed, let us reassure you that not all games are bad for kids. There are some really cool maths games, like Brainy Arkies, which help develop a keen understanding of mathematics in kids, but in a fun and relatable way.

cool maths games

Brainy Arkies: Cool maths games. Image: Brainy Arkies

Cool maths games like Brainy Arkies make learning fun for kids

Brainy Arkies is a maths learning app for your child aged 6-12 years. It integrates automated adaptive testing and personalised learning with edutainment, to produce the best learning outcome for your child.

With Brainy Arkies, your child gets to solve maths questions while embarking on a journey filled with adventures, and quests. He’ll do all of these with the help of adorable in-app characters known as Arkies.

cool maths games

Brainy Arkies: Cool maths games. Image: Brainy Arkies

Sounds fun already? There’s more!

How does Brainy Arkies help your kid in learning maths?

  • Your child is fully engaged and immersed in the learning experience. This helps them to retain important maths concepts and deepen their understanding of the subject.
  • There is also a sense of fulfilment when they level up and unlock new stages while progressing through the app.
  • The intuitive virtual environment allows your child to learn while having fun, motivating them to learn anytime, anywhere.
  • The learning content and solutions are personalised based on your little one’s learning progress and abilities.
  • The app offers guided solutions and instructional videos to facilitate self-directed learning for your child.

Here’s what makes Brainy Arkies an important tool for teaching maths to your kid

  • Latest 2018 MOE syllabus:
    It offers more than 18,000 questions aligned with the latest 2018 MOE Syllabus. So, children can practice the maths topics they learned in school through Brainy Arkies.

  • Personalised learning with guided solutions:
    Brainy Arkies provides your child with adaptive learning technology which adjusts to their proficiency in solving maths questions. It offers learning which is personalised to your child’s learning curve.

  • In-depth actionable reports:
    You can keep track of your child’s progress through in-depth reports and will be able to see their performance by topics, time spent in learning, maths progress and so on. You can take remediation based on these reports.

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Here’s how to make Maths fun for your little one

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Try this edutainment mobile app for your little one and witness your child befriend math through this fun and interactive tool.

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