Cooking Classics Asia

Cooking Classics Asia

Cooking Classics: Asia by Sylvia Kang is a must-have for all who enjoy the variety Asian cultures has to offer.

Cooking Classics: Asia– Sylvia Kang

Cooking Classics Asia

Pages: 120

Price: $25 (before GST)

Availability: At all major leading bookstores

Published by: Marshall Cavendish Editions

ISBN : 978 981 261 331 8

Recommended for: Anyone who enjoys food and would love to have a taste of Asia, right in their homes.


Featuring 42 delectable recipes, Cooking Classics: Asia is a must-have for all who enjoy the variety Asian cultures has to offer. Step-by-step instructions make it a breeze to replicate these dishes in your kitchens, even for culinary beginners.

Well-known dishes include Cold Prawn, Papaya and Bean Vermicelli Salad from Thailand, Silky Egg Custard from Japan, and Ginseng Chicken Soup from Korea. Bring this along the next time you go grocery-shopping and your loved ones may be in for a treat!

What we liked best:

1)Categorization of the recipes makes searching for a particular course or ingredient simple.

2)Tips provided at the end of recipes provide extra knowledge about food preparation.

3)Exquisite photography bring the dishes alive. If only the latter was tangible.

What we didn’t like:

1) It would be close to perfect if the preparation time for each recipe could have been included, to give an idea of how much time is required. Especially useful for dinner parties or a quick meal.

2) A ‘Drinks’ section, which could act as an alternative to desserts or an accompaniment alongside the dish or meal of the particular cuisine, would have been appropriate.

Our Verdict:

We give it 4.5/5 stars. It’s fool-proof. What else can we say?

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Written by

Sandra Ong

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