Convicted pedophile required to wear GPS anklet for the rest of his life

Convicted pedophile required to wear GPS anklet for the rest of his life

To the relief of all parents in Wisconsin, there is one less sexual predator they have to worry about

Michael Belleau was released from custody in 2010 after being convicted of molesting a young boy in 1992 and assaulting a young girl in 1994, according to the Washington Times.

He was civilly committed as a danger to others in 2005 after serving his time behind bars. Then he was released five years later after a psychologist determined that he was not likely to commit another sexual offence.

However in a 3-0 decision members of the Seventh US Circuit Court of Appeals last week upheld a 2008 Wisconsin law that forces Belleau to wear a waterproof GPS device around his ankle at all times for the rest of his life.

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Last year the 72-year-old Belleau sued the state claiming the rule violated his Fourth Amendment privacy rights and was an ex post facto law, meaning it was enacted after he already served his time.

“Having a device affixed to one’s body that can be seen by the public, transmits audible messages, and results in frequent visits from DOC officials or police, predictably subjects offenders to face-to-face humiliation and thus closely resembles historical shaming punishments,” his lawyer argued.

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But the court ruled that the Fourth Amendment does not mention privacy or create any right of privacy.

“It requires that searches be reasonable but does not require a warrant or other formality designed to balance investigative need against a desire for privacy; the only reference to warrants is a prohibition of general warrants.”

Protection from molesters

When in public places, mommies should remember these things: Keep little ones close, not just in view; take them everywhere with you (even the rest room); and encourage their curiosity but teach them to be alert.

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