Connecting With Baby While Pregnant and Its Surprising Health Benefits

Connecting With Baby While Pregnant and Its Surprising Health Benefits

A-Z steps on how to connect with your baby bump!

Pregnancy is the start of a lasting love affair with your child. Studies show that your baby reacts to sound at your 24th week, yet she will begin to respond to external sound between the 26th and 30th week. But did you know that the benefits of connecting with baby while pregnant are far-reaching even after birth? 

According to a study conducted at the University of Cambridge, mothers who "connect" with their baby during pregnancy are more likely to interact in a more positive way with their infant after the child is born. 

Researchers conducted a meta analysis, drawing data from 14 studies which observed over 1000 parents. In these studies, parents were asked about thoughts and feelings related to their unborn child. Those that showed "a positive anticipation of their relationship with their child" continued to show sensitivity towards their little ones even after birth. However, this behaviour was only noticed in mothers. 

Research has also shown that a positive relationship with the baby in pregnancy is linked to healthy behaviour in pregnancy too – for example, giving up smoking or eating healthy. 

Here are some tips on how you can bond with your baby while pregnant! 

Connecting With Baby While Pregnant and Its Surprising Health Benefits

Simple Steps for Connecting with Baby while Pregnant

1. Massage Time

Gently massage your bump to soothe you and your baby. Using creams and natural oils can be a great way to relax and wind down while keeping your skin soft and supple!

Research mentioned above showed that increased awareness for baby "is associated with healthy behaviours during pregnancy, such as giving up smoking or attending antenatal appointments." Stay healthy!

Tip: Try adding drops of lavender or ylang ylang to a carrier oil for massage. All of these oils are safe to use after the first trimester. 

2. Sing and Talk to Your Baby

It may feel like a one-way type of communication yet it is said that your baby’s auditory system develops all the time. Your baby hears the hum of your beating heart, growl of your hungry tummy and your hushed whispers to him.

Emotional attachment is also developed as he hears your voice while he is still in your womb.

After birth, your newborn may love to hear your voice more than any other, so start chatting with that baby bump of yours.

3. Go for a Quick Swim or Walk

Swimming is a safe workout for you while pregnant, as water gently supports your body and provides a great way to alleviate the weight from your feet. It is also an awesome way of relating to your baby’s life inside your womb!

Going for a quick stroll is also a great way for connecting with baby while pregnant. Simply incorporate this into your daily routine and enjoy quick chitchats with your bump without interruptions.

Tip: Try pregnancy yoga!

Connecting With Baby While Pregnant and Its Surprising Health Benefits

4. Respond to Baby Kicks

Now this is two-way communication! You may feel your baby’s movement around your 18th to 20th weeks of pregnancy. It can be a surreal sensation as your baby tries to kick those little feet and swims around his little home inside you. Who knows what he is up to!

Let him know that you are there and that you understand what he is trying to say with those energetic kicks that he sends!

5. Let Daddy Join!

Connecting With Baby While Pregnant and Its Surprising Health Benefits

Parenthood is a team job, so the sooner both you and your spouse harmoniously work together, the better. Daddy can surely do a lot from actively helping you with chores, walking with you, or giving you a nice relaxing bath. Encourage him to have dialogues with your baby, and let him read stories too.

This may help you both to feel that you're in this together – and you are!

The relationship between mother and baby is the foundation for a child's senses of security, trust and independence as they grow older in outer world. Babies who feel safe and secure tend to sleep and eat better, cry less, and they grow into healthy individuals, confident and secure later on in life. 

Try the steps above and enjoy lasting moments with your baby while pregnant and after giving birth!


Source: Science Daily

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