Confinement myths busted!

Confinement myths busted!

Confinement can help your body recuperate and recover from childbirth, however some confinement practices have no scientific basis what so ever. Here are a few confinement myths.

Myth 1: I can't bathe because wind will enter my body

Confinement myths busted!

There is no basis to this at all. In fact bathing regularly minimises skin and wound infection and ensures good personal hygiene.

Myth 2: I cannot read or cry during confinement

This old wives tale is practiced in order to avoid eye problems later in life. There is no scientific basis to this at all.

Myth 3: I must eat plenty of wine, sesame oil and herbs to drive out wind

Again, there is no basis to this at all. In moderation, there is no harm in consuming them, but in excess, it could affect you and your baby. In addition, alcohol might go into your breast milk, and if breastfeeding, these might be transferred to your child.

Myth 4: I must not drink water at all during confinement

Adequate fluid consumption is important, especially for breastfeeding mums.

Myth 5: I cannot expose baby to air-conditioning

There is no harm in switching on the air-con. In fact it may event help prevent the formation of heat rash.

Myth 6: I must not drink chicken essence

Essence of chicken is made from chicken and has no stimulants. It may help reduce physical and mental fatigue.

Tell us what other confinement myths you think should be busted. Share your thoughts in the comment section below... 

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