Conceive Plus: Pre-Conception Lubricant review

Conceive Plus: Pre-Conception Lubricant review

Trying to conceive, but finding it tough? Well, you should try picking up a tube of Sasmar Conceive Plus™, a scientifically formulated sperm safe gel designed to help you on your path to pregnancy.


Is Conceive Plus for you?

A number of clinical studies have shown that commercially available contraceptive Personal lubricants are spermicidal (harmful to human sperm). Such personal lubricants harm sperm viability and/or motility, thereby decreasing or eliminating the chances of conception and, thus, pregnancy.

According to their website, Sasmar Conceive Plus on the other hand has been scientifically formulated to not harm sperm viability or function, thereby improving your chances of conception or pregnancy.

While we aren't sure if Sasmar Conceive Plus can definitely get you pregnant, we feel that for such a small investment, it's worth a shot.

Our take on Conceive Plus

The first thing that caught our eye was it's cute pink 75 ml tube. We're not sure if men are gonna be queuing up for it, but we don't think that it would be a deterrent either.

The good part though, is that it doesn't smell anywhere as "girly" as it looks. The fragrance is very mild, and we dare say...medicinal!

The gel also seems to be more water-based than oil-based, so it doesn't leave a sticky/icky feel. In fact upon evaporating, it left a very 'cooling' feel.

Our Verdict

No harm trying. Good luck!

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