Comfort and peace, bottled into one

Comfort and peace, bottled into one

With over 50 years of comprehensive research, Pigeon, introduced a revolutionary nursing bottle that embraces the needs of both mother and baby, the Peristaltic Plus. The bottle is designed from a baby’s perspective whereby it mimics a baby’s natural sucking behaviour and minimises nipple confusion. Read on for a review on this milk bottle.

Pigeon milk bottles

Comfort and peace all in Pigeon milk bottles

Although the bottle is not meant to be a substitute for a mother’s breast, it acts as an essential companion for mothers who may be in a situation where direct breastfeeding is temporarily not feasible due to career commitments and illnesses. The Peristaltic Plus bottle enhances the peristaltic movement, the unique undulating motion of a baby’s tongue which removes milk from a mother’s nipple, encouraging the baby to employ an unerring sucking pattern, cultivating healthy sucking behaviour.

Made from sophisticated materials, meticulous measurements and production methods, the Peristaltic Plus bottles and nipples feature impeccable functionality and comfort for the growing baby. Uniquely crafted roll-free bottle hoods and nipples made of thick silicone rubber ensure it is soft and flexible for a baby to drink with comfort.

The Peristaltic Plus bottle is available now in two sizes and three variants at all leading baby product stores, departmental stores and supermarkets (priced between SGD $12.90 and $19.90) while the nipples are available in four sizes and ranges between SGD $4.90 to SGD $8.90 each.

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Sandra Ong

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