Combo nursery and guest room: Do multifunctional rooms work?

Combo nursery and guest room: Do multifunctional rooms work?

Want a baby's nursery but don't want to sacrifice the guest room either? Find out if a nursery/guest room combo will work for you! Read more for tips on how to make this transformation work for you while efficiently using space!

nursery Find out if combining the nursery with a guest bedroom can work!

A separate room for the baby nursery is often a dream come true for most parents. Unfortunately, this is usually only possible if they live in a large home with several extra rooms. However, all hopes don't need to die because you don't have an extra room for your baby's nursery. We'll give you the next best thing -- a multifunctional combo nursery/guest room.

The name says it all! A combo nursery/guest room works as a nursery and a guest room. This set-up is often common with parents that only have one child or those who also have an older child. Most people ask if a nursery that doubles as guest room would work. We say: If all occupants in the home agree to the set-up, then yes, room away!

nursery Read more on how to make a nursery and guest room combo happen!

Nursery/guest room transformation
When transforming your guest room into a baby nursery or vice versa, it is best to keep furniture to a minimum. Aside from the bed and crib, opt to only have very useful furniture like a dresser with lots of drawers, a side table and a chair. If you want something more versatile, choose a sofa that converts into a bed. With less furniture in the room, the space won’t feel as cramped or crowded.

If a dresser isn’t able to hold all of the baby items, opt for stackable storage containers or a tall (wide ones occupy more space) cabinet. Place additional storage units under the bed and crib if needed. If the room has a closet, make sure that it isn’t full to allow your guests a place to store their belongings inside.

nursery Be efficient with space when creating a multifunctional room

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How a combo nursery/guest room works
It is important to note that a combo nursery/guest room is not really for visiting guests. It would be really inappropriate to put your guests in a room with a baby that cries at odd hours of the night and wakes up at the crack of dawn. It's also not a good idea to let a guest, who doesn’t have a clue on how to handle a baby, sleep in the same room as your infant. This combo room actually serves as a place for you to sleep in since you'll most likely be giving your room up to guests when they visit. This way, your guests can have privacy and sleep soundly while you get a chance to stay close to your baby. We know that having visiting guests stay in the nursery/guest room is tricky business. But if the reason for their visit is to help you take care of the baby, by all means, let them stay in the combo room with the baby.

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Other combo nursery/guest room purposes
Most couples opt to have this type of room for a number of reasons. The combo nursery/guest room can be a perfect place for the parent to relax and rest their feet during the day while the baby plays in a secure area. A parent can also use this room to sleep in at night when the baby is ill. A very smart purpose of this multifunctional room is to give one of the parents (usually the one who works at odd hours) the chance to sleep without interruptions in the master bedroom while the other takes care of the baby in the combo room.

Are you thinking about having your own combo nursery/guest room? We’d love to hear about your plans.

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