It’s Time To Add Colostrum To Your Skincare Routine

It’s Time To Add Colostrum To Your Skincare Routine

You know that people call it liquid gold, but did you know that colostrum also provides surprising benefits to your skin?

These days, there is no shortage of skincare products that push the envelope by incorporating an array of ingredients ranging from the extraordinary to the exotic—all promising the best results. And whether you are obsessed with skincare or just trying out something new, you may have used a product or two to reap the benefits. But tell us, when was the last time you tried a face cleanser or whitening cream enriched with colostrum?

Colostrum Benefit for Skin: How Does It Help?

Colostrum is the first milk produced by mothers after giving birth and lasts only two to four days. Highly nutritious, it contains antibodies that promote growth and help infants fight infections.

While everybody knows that colostrum is crucial in infants, colostrum can be just as beneficial to adults.

Essentially, colostrum feeds the skin with minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids to revitalise and repair the skin. The growth factors in colostrum aid in stimulating collagen production, which, in turn, strengthens the skin and improves elasticity. In addition, colostrum also helps to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles—giving your skin a more youthful radiance.

RIKU: Designed in Japan, Made in Korea, Infused with Colostrum

Colostrum benefits for skin

Colostrum benefits for skin? It’s all in RIKU.

RIKU, a Japanese lifestyle cosmetics brand from Thailand, isn’t just garnering attention for their Korea-made and Japanese-designed beauty products but also its First Milk series. Why is it so special, you ask? Its First Milk series contains colostrum, which helps give your skin the boost it needs to be brighter and more radiant, with regular use. That said, you can now pamper your skin with the astounding benefits of colostrum in three simple steps, with RIKU’s First Milk set which consists of a face cleanser, a whitening cream, and a whitening cream.

The First Milk Face Cleanser is an ultra-gentle cleansing foam that removes skin impurities without stripping your skin of moisture. Meanwhile, the First Milk Whitening Serum helps reveal brighter and more radiant skin by fighting dullness caused by fatigue, stress, and ageing. Rounding up the colostrum-enriched series is the First Milk Whitening Cream, which works to reduce the appearance of dark spots and brighten the skin.

It’s Time To Add Colostrum To Your Skincare Routine

What’s interesting to know about RIKU is that besides these colostrum-infused skincare products, it also has a plant-based acne treatment product called Organic Rice Anti-Blemish Booster. If you love makeup as much as you do skincare, fret not. RIKU also has an array of Japanese-style makeup products that will be great additions to your makeup kit.  These include a waterproof eyeliner, long-lasting eyebrow pencil with a micro tip, pregnancy-safe BB cream, and translucent no sebum powder.

And for all those who care about aesthetics as much as we do, you will appreciate how RIKU products come in minimalist packaging that reflects its Japanese design roots and the modern women they represent.

Mama’s Choice is the official distributor of RIKU in Singapore, with makeup must-haves ranging from $12.50 to $32.90 and skincare essentials priced from $12.90 to $42.90. Ready to refresh your beauty and skincare routine? RIKU is available on Shopee, Lazada, and Qoo10.

It’s Time To Add Colostrum To Your Skincare Routine


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