Coke ad captures truth about parenting perfectly

Coke ad captures truth about parenting perfectly

The new coke ad does a fabulous job of capturing the ups and downs of early parenthood - enjoy this video which is guaranteed to elicit tears and laughter.

What exactly does it mean to have a child? To bring another living being into this world? A living, breathing, growing, pooping symbol of the love shared between you and your other half? The usual answer is that you won’t know till you do it yourself. And as any parent will tell you. That’s the truth.

Coke ad about parenting

Coke ad about parenting: The unbridled joy of first time parents.

As wonderful and glorious as the experience of having a child is; it is also whirlwind of stains, spills and sleepless nights. This particular Coca-Cola advertisement does a wonderful job of capturing this simultaneously scary, dream-come-true experience.

Before you had children, you probably wondered why on earth anyone would subject themselves to parenthood? It’s expensive, messy and all-consuming. You’re probably thinking, ‘just look at the difference in the mother’s face the first and second time!’

Coke ad about parenting

The second time around the mum is more worried about her husband’s reaction. Now they know what its like to be a parent, are they ready for round two?

But the thing that parents know is that no matter the chaos, children are a gift. They enrich our lives in ways that cannot be measured.

And the reality is that until you do it, “you don’t know what its like”, as the line from the song goes.

Executive creative director behind this ad, Sebastian Wilhelm says, ‘Having children is not just life’s most important moment, but the ultimate test to connecting with your best side,’

Coke parenting ad

Coke ad about parenting shows the the joys and tears of parenting

He continues to say, “We were aiming for ’emotional comedy’ [with this ad]. The kind that makes you smile and weep at the same time.”

Becoming a parent changes you in every way imaginable. Your priorities and outlook changes. You look at your child who has just toppled a whole table and all you can think about is how grateful you are that he’s not hurt. The mess becomes secondary.

Coke parenting ad

A table toppled and all parents can think about is that baby is safe.


We enjoy how Coke was able to capture this, often less talked about side of parenting, in such a light and humorous manner. It’s the kind of advertisement that leaves parents wanting to grab a box of tissues and laugh out loud at the same time.

Coke parenting ad

Our children are little bundles of joy and chaos.

Take a few minutes out of your day and check out this video – we promise tears of laughter and a tiny tinge of sadness.

It might just want to make you do it all over again. Broken dishes, poop, tears laughter and a whole lot of love; the all inclusive journey of being a parent.


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