Co-sleeping or the crib?

Co-sleeping or the crib?

What will you do if your baby clings to you whenever you put him or her to sleep at night? Many parents would say that the solution to this problem is co-sleeping.

However, experts see this as a potentially hazardous practice.


They say that the bedding poses a great risk for suffocation and a baby could fall off or get trapped. So they strongly recommend the crib, the safest place for a baby to sleep.

But then babies like to have their mummies or daddies close to them as they doze off to sleep. It's very comforting for them to hear the soothing voice of their parents lulling them off to dreamland.

Well, it seems like parents are torn in choosing between comfort and safety for their little ones. What will it be for you? Co-sleeping or the crib? A father shows us that a compromise is possible. Watch this video:


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Written by

Karen Mira

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