The clever new invention that's giving C-section mums a powerful maternal experience

The clever new invention that's giving C-section mums a powerful maternal experience

The brain-child of three labour room nurses, this invention has the potential to revolutionise a C-section mum's first 'meeting' with her baby! Read more here...

We know that mums who give birth via C-section often miss out on the benefits of skin-to-skin contact with their newborns soon after birth.

When it comes to skin-to-skin contact, there are no medical professionals who probably know better about its benefits than maternity nurses and midwives.

So it comes as no big surprise that a group of labour and delivery nurses have come up with a way of letting C-section mums experience skin-to-skin contact with their little ones, delivering a powerful maternal experience.

A clever new invention

Registered nurses (and inventors!) in the USA Kim Jarrelle, Debbie Burbic and Jess Niccoli created the Clever Medical Immediate Skin to Skin C-Section drape.

As the name suggest, this surgical drape "provides moms that are not afforded the opportunity to have a vaginal birth the same immediate skin-to-skin, bonding experience in the operating room," the inventors told The Huffington Post.

Talking about why they felt the need for such a drape, the nurses explained that they had seen thousands of births, both vaginal and via C-section and noticed the experiences for mum and baby were very different

They felt that "a mother having a C-section should be able to have the same experience [as a woman having a vaginal birth]".

Further explaining, they said their genuine desire right from the beginning has been to "improve the immediate connection between mother and baby."

So, with this as their goal, they started to develop their idea about three years ago while gathered in Jarrelle's home.

Find out how the drape works and why these nurses invented it in the first place. You can also watch a video to see how it works first-hand!

Simple yet effective

The inventors explain that The Clever Medical Immediate Skin-to-Skin C-Section drape permits the obstetrician to reach through an opening in the main drape, which lets them place the baby on his mum's chest straight after delivery without compromising sterility.

They said:

"Right before the baby is passed through the drape we tell mom to look up and see her baby as the obstetrician passes the baby through, with the help of the baby nurse, onto her chest.

"There is not a dry eye in the operating suite. Many times the baby is nursing before they leave the operating room."

Jarrelle adds, "Mom is and always should be the first one to hold her baby."

The drapes are currently available for purchase by hospitals in the US, and according to reports, have already been successfully implemented in hospitals in Virginia, California and Michigan to great reviews.

The benefits of skin-to-skin contact for mum and baby

For baby: 

  • Early initiation and longer duration of breastfeeding
  • Enhanced and increased mother-baby interaction
  • Increased touch and communication of the baby by his mum
  • Less crying by baby and better physiological regulation and stabilization

For mummy: 

  • Leads to the release of oxytocin, which helps control postpartum bleeding
  • Increases feelings of maternal wellbeing, satisfaction, affection and attachment
  • Decreases reports of maternal stress and anxiety
  • Promotes higher confidence with breastfeeding

Watch the video below, and see how the drape works:

Do share your thoughts on this article in a comment below. C-section mums - do you think this drape would have been useful in your own birthing experience? 

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