20 Christmas Movies The Whole Family Can Enjoy On Netflix (Adults Included!)

20 Christmas Movies The Whole Family Can Enjoy On Netflix (Adults Included!)

What better way to get into the festive spirit (other than putting up a Christmas tree) than watching Christmas films!

It's never too early to start celebrating the holiday season with cozy clothes, yummy hot drinks, and Christmas movies. Netflix has made it so easy to access tons of popular holiday films for every mood and age group. Not only does Netflix have a 2019 Christmas schedule with plenty of new original movies and TV shows hitting the streaming site in November and December, but there are also tons of theatrical releases that have since made their way onto the streaming site.

From animated biblical tales to new takes on old classics to romantic holiday ventures, there's a little something for everyone. Keeping that in mind, many of these movies are family-friendly and perfect for viewing with children. However, some others are a little more mature. We've added the age ratings for each film to help us all better plan our holiday movie nights.

There really is so much holiday programming to choose from this year. Freeform has its 25 Days of Christmas lineup, Hallmark has the Countdown to Christmas with 24 original films, Lifetime has the "It's a Wonderful Lifetime" schedule, and Netflix is dropping new holiday movies and shows every week leading up to Christmas. But sometimes, nothing can beat an old classic that we've already seen 100 times and can't wait to watch again. 

Maybe we've already caught up on the new programming (thanks DVR!) and we're looking for something new to watch while we wait for more to air on TV -- and that's where these Netflix offerings come in handy. Children will love the action and animated films, adults will adore the relatable awkward family Christmas content, and even Christmas scrooges will enjoy the new Die Hard of holiday movies. 

They're all on Netflix, so get to streaming!

1. 'Holiday Engagement'

Rated: TV-G

This Hallmark film has a quintessential holiday movie plot: A young woman gets dumped right before Christmas, so she hires an actor to play her boyfriend at the family celebration. But what starts as an act may turn out to be the real thing when the two spend enough time together.

2. 'Christmas with the Kranks'

Rated: PG

With their daughter away in the Peace Corps, Luther and Nora decide to save money by skipping costly holiday celebrations and taking a cruise instead. But when their daughter announces that she's coming home for Christmas after all, it's a race against time to throw the annual holiday party and make it look like they were never planning to leave.

3. 'The Grinch'

The 2018 animated reboot of Dr. Seuss' The Grinch is a whole mood. It's easy to identify with this version of The Grinch who loves his dog and hates other people -- especially when his tragic backstory is revealed. Luckily, with a little help from his friends, The Grinch ends up having a nice Christmas after all ... even though he tried to ruin the holiday first.

4. 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas'

Rated: PG

Both versions of The Grinch are on Netflix. The 2000 version of the Dr. Seuss story starred Jim Carrey as The Grinch, and it will also always have a place in the Christmas movie hall of fame. And who can forget the epic Faith Hill song written for the movie, "Where Are You Christmas?" For giving the world that, alone, the movie is worth remembering. 

5. 'Santa Girl'

Rated: TV-PG

Wizards of Waverly Place star Jennifer Stone plays Cassie Claus, Santa's daughter, in this movie. Before she has to take on her North Pole role and help her father with his Christmas business, Cassie gets to spend one college semester in the real world, and it's a sight to see.

6. 'The Christmas Project'

Rated: TV-PG

Four brothers team up to take down the mean middle school bullies, but they may learn a lesson about Christmas forgiveness along the way ... but not before a lot of holiday-themed shenanigans go down.

This movie has a sequel coming out on November 29 called The Christmas Project 2. No word yet on whether that film will be available on Netflix, too.

7. 'Christmas Survival'

Rated: TV-MA

This one is more for the parents to enjoy than the kids. Christmas Survival is a relatable tale tells the story of two sisters and their families spending Christmas together at their former home. Well, it isn't spending Christmas together so much as it is surviving it. The holidays can be a trying time for families, and this movie captures that all too well.

8. 'White Christmas'

Rated: TV-G

This classic 1954 film cemented "White Christmas" as a quintessential holiday song and also taught about the importance of the holiday. It's not about presents so much as it is friends and loved ones and doing something kind when given the chance.

9. 'Tree Man'

Rated: TV-PG

During the Christmas season, Francois the "Tree Man" leaves his family behind in Canada and sells Christmas trees on the streets of New York. This documentary follows his journey and explores the world of tree vendors who pop up in the city every year, but who we usually don't give a second thought. This film changes that forever.

10. 'Unaccompanied Minors'

Rated: PG

A group of children get stranded at the airport over the holidays, thanks to a giant snowstorm. With no supervision, they run amok, create friendships that will last a lifetime, and make a Christmas celebration all their own.

11. 'Christmas in the Heartland'

Rated: TV-PG

Two teens bond while sitting next to each other on a flight to see their long lost relatives. Soon, they decide to switch places for the holidays to see how the other half lives. Jessie goes to Kara's wealthy grandparents' home, while Kara visits Jesse's down-to-earth grandma. Will the families find out what's going on by Christmas?

12. 'Holly Star'

Rated: PG

When a failed puppeteer nearly perishes during the holidays, she gets a strange vision of a buried treasure. Convinced that it's real, she sets off to find it -- seeking to gather more clues about the incident by having more near-death experiences. Her quirky best friend is on the case to help her, as is her grandmother and childhood sweetheart. She may soon find what she's been looking for ... right in front of her own eyes.

13. 'Get Santa'

Rated: PG

In this movie, Santa has a run-in with police after crashing his sleigh. A father and son team up to free Santa Claus from prison before it's too late and Christmas is ruined for everyone, everywhere.

14. 'The Nutcracker and the Four Realms' 

Rated: PG

The Nutcracker ballet is a Christmas tradition, and now the movie can be, too. The film stars ballerina Misty Copeland and actors like Keira Knightley, Helen Mirren, Richard E. Grant, and more as it tells the tale of young Clara's Christmas Eve journey through other magical realms.

15. 'Mariah Carey’s Merriest Christmas'

Rated: TV-G

The Christmas season practically begins and ends by Mariah Carey's rendition of "All I Want For Christmas Is You," and her musical holiday special is all that and more. The one-hour concert originally aired on Hallmark, but now, it's also on Netflix for our viewing pleasure. Throughout the special, Carey tackles a number of popular Christmas tunes, and it's a must-listen event.

16. 'The Christmas Candle'

Rated: PG

This period drama takes place in 19th century England and follows the clash between a minister who wants to modernize the town and its villagers who still believe in the magic of candles lit on Christmas Eve. Will the two warring factions be able to come together by Christmas Day?

17. 'A Very Murray Christmas'

Rated: TV-14

Bill Murray and all his celebrity friends star in this Netflix movie. It's a sort of variety show with musical performances from Miley Cyrus, George Clooney, Amy Poehler, and more. The underpinning plot can get a little gloomy at times, but the musical bits make the whole thing worthwhile.

18. 'The Star'

Rated: PG

In this animated film, a group of animals accidentally find themselves as part of one of the world's most important events: the birth of Jesus. The Star boasts an A-list voice cast with stars, like Mariah Carey, Oprah, Kristin Chenoweth, Kelly Clarkson, and more.

19. 'Dear Santa'

Rated: TV-PG

Wealthy Crystal doesn't do much but party, but her life changes for the better when she reads a young girl's letter to Santa asking for a new mother. Before long, Crystal tracks her down and winds up falling for her father, the owner of soup kitchen. Can Crystal change her selfish ways and be the mother the girl has longed for?

True love and Christmas magic says yes.

20. 'El Camino Christmas'

Rated: TV-MA

El Camino Christmas is a film for people who think Die Hard is a Christmas movie. The 2017 Netflix offering is holiday-themed in timeline alone, and the plot follows Eric, who has come to town in search of his father. Before long, he finds himself trapped in a liquor store in an accidental hostage situation with several unlucky shoppers who have to try to find a way out of this mess.

Now that's no one's ideal Christmas.


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