Choosing Sunscreen For Your Kids

Choosing Sunscreen For Your Kids

In sunny Singapore, any prolong outdoor activities with kids requires one essential item - Sunscreen. Read to find out what you should be looking out for when choosing one for your kids!

Sunscreen protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Being near the equator, it would mean that we get a huge dose of sunshine on a daily basis. As such, it is necessary to apply sunscreen to shield from harmful UV rays.  Given our weekly escapades around town and beyond, it is necessary to pack a bottle of sunscreen with us to protect the kids from the sun. Getting 'Chao Ta' after a day out is no joke and not to mention painful for any kid who gets sun burn.

Before finding the ‘right’ sunscreen, Big C and Little Lou had complained about sunscreens that are either too sticky, too smelly or make them itchy. At times, we know the sunscreen is not effective especially when they look like cooked lobsters at the end of the day. It also means that painful days with peel skin are almost a certainty in the days ahead. Thus convincing them to put on sunscreen has always been a challenge due to past negative experiences.

Biore UV Mild Milk Sunscreen

Searching for the appropriate sunscreen to use had been a trial and error affair for them, so how do we choose the right’’ sunscreen to use?

Upon extensive research (i.e. Google), we reckoned that these are the essential items we need in a good sunscreen.

UVB Protection SPF 15 or more

Sunscreen should have Ultra Violet B (UVB) protection. UVB penetrate the upper layers of skin and causes burn.  When it comes to kids, it is always advisable to be a little more cautious given their vulnerability. For most SPF 15 would be suffice for a day out. For kids with fairer skin, SPF 50 + will give parents a peace of mind and a protective shield for kids under the sun.

UVA Protection or PA +++

Other than UVB protection, you would need to protect yourself against Ultra Violet A (UVA) . UVA penetrate deeper into the skin and can cause visible signs of aging such as skin spots and wrinkles. Surely we do not want the youthful child to look beyond his age after a few sessions under the sun. Sunscreen that has PA ratings would provide protection against UVA. The more + behind PA will mean a higher level of protection.

Smooth texture

Sunscreen should not be sticky in nature. Kids would hate any lotion sticking to their skin. Instead choose one that has a smooth texture. Add moisturizing ingredient and it will be a perfect combination.

Residual Free

There are sunscreens out there that leave patches of white residue and therefore cause skin to be rough skin. Choose one that leaves skin smooth and comfortable with no white residue that are unsightly and hard to rub off.

Water and Respiration Proof

Biore UV Mild Milk Sunscreen

Since most of the time sunscreen is applied due to outdoor activities such as swimming or any other activities under the sun, it should be water and respiration proof for a longer lasting effect. Do note that sunscreen is not 100% waterproof, so do apply in regular intervals to maintain the protection.

PH Balance for delicate skin - No fragrance, colorant or alcohol free with balance PH

As young kids tend to have more delicate and sensitive skin, it is best avoiding sunscreen with alcohol, fragrances or preservatives to prevent skin irritations or allergies.

Biore UV Mild Milk Sunscreen

Made with Kids in Mind

Different sunscreens have different chemical characteristics. It is best to find one that is made specially for kids.

A Trusted Brand

Biore UV Mild Milk Sunscreen

Regardless of the kind of sunscreen out in the market, parents would usually go for a brand they trust. Brands that had been around for a long time and are known to specialise on skincare always gets extra stars on our books.

Can you make a guess which sunscreen fits the bill?


Biore UV Mild Milk Sunscreen

Introducing the new Biore UV Mild Milk (for kids) SPF 50 + PA ++++.

It ticks all the boxes we had listed with the following attributes

  • SPF50+ PA ++++ for UV protection
  • Ultra-light Smooth Milky Texture
  • Leaves skin smooth and comfortable with no white residue
  • PH balanced formula and free of fragrance, colorant or alcohol for soothing protection for delicate skin.
  • Waterproof and perspiration proof
  • Suitable for children 3 years and above.

The best way to convince ourselves that this is the right sunscreen is to simply use it. To put it to test, the boys applied the Biore UV Mild Milk sunscreen on one of their trip to the pool.

Biore UV Mild Milk Sunscreen

Application was a fuss free process. Being fragrance free, it was not difficult to convince them to put it on as a shield against the raging sun. A few rubs into the skin and the sunscreen disappears without leaving any trace. At the same time, none of the boys were scratching themselves after application and were seemingly unaware their weapon against the Sun is applied on them.  Within a few minutes, they are ready to jump in the pool and face their unwritten battle against the raging Sun.

After a few hours in the pool, it was time to leave. Given our long day out in the Sun, no one complained about burns or pains. The effects still retain even though the boys were in the pool most of the time. It is safe to say that they have won the battle against the Sun. As parents, we are almost certain that after this experience, putting on sunscreen for them will be a pleasure rather than a pain.

Our final verdict

Biore UV Mild Milk Sunscreen

We think this would make a great companion for those sunny and wet days out. If you want to get your hands on one, it is available now in major super/hypermarkets and pharmacies for $13.90.

So before you head out to play, do get your sunscreen today!

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