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Singaporean mummy wants to be a porn star!

Audrey Tan, a Singaporean citizen and mum of two is keen on becoming a porn star and is extremely proud of herself.

How would you tell your kids you’re an adult entertainer? Ms. Audrey Tan is 27, Singapore porn star (to-be), a mother of two and an event organiser!

Her kids (aged four and eight) know all about what she does, and she says they are proud of her, and know that mummy is more than a porn model.

Her father also supports what she does. Her mother, meanwhile, lives in Singapore and manages a chain of hair and beauty salons, and by now we are sure she knows what her daughter does. 

Audrey Tan - Singapore porn star!

Singapore porn star Singapore porn star, Audrey Tan, is a mum of 2.

Ms.Tan moved to New Zealand when she was four, with her father and step-mother. She studied at the Auckland University of Technology and holds a legal executive degree.

At the age of 18, she began working part-time as a stripper in an Auckland strip club called Sunset.

She met the father of her children here. The couple are now separated, but keep in touch, and often joke about how he never used to tip her enough.

Audrey also held a day-job at a law firm at the time. She quit stripping after a year, but has recently taken up nude photography after breaking up with her boyfriend.

A big boob job

singapore porn The Facebook page of Singapore porn star, Audrey Tan.

According to a Singapore Press Holdings article, Ms. Tan travelled to the Middle East to get her breasts enlarged for $9,000.

They went from a B-Cup to a DD-cup and she said the surgery was cheaper and better done than in New Zealand.  She claims her mum will probably be more surprised at the fact that she had her breasts enlarged than anything else.

But she hopes that by the time she returns to Singapore, on her annual holiday where she normally shops and gorges on chicken rice, her mum would have gotten over it.

Miss Erotica

singapore porn Singapore porn star Audrey was voted the most popular sex-siren when she joined the Ms Erotica competition.

In August this year, Ms. Tan enrolled herself in a Miss Erotic competition organized by Erotica Lifestyles Expo. She was voted the most popular sex-siren in a two week poll and beat eight other contestants.

Ms. Tan is the first Asian to have won the title of Miss Erotica. She walked away with NZ $5,000, but said the title was what she really wanted.

She is aiming towards a career in pornography. Audrey claims she has always been a bit of a rebel and most people, including her mum, wouldn’t be surprised when they heard what she does as part of her career.

Boobs on Bikes

Ms. Tan earns up to $1,300 per photoshoot, and wants to be recognized as an international sex-star. She will also have to fulfill her duty as Miss Erotica and take part in the annual ‘Boobs on Bikes’ parade, that features topless women on bikes that in cities such as Auckland and Hamilton.

Audrey says she doesn’t see why she shouldn’t be proud of what she does. She compares herself to other Singapore born stars like Tila Tequila and Annabel Cheong have similar careers and have made it big.

Audrey Tan also works as an events organiser with Auckland University. This is the only part of her career that her mother is currently aware of. She says her employers know what she does and don’t have a problem with it. What she does is prerfectly legal and she keeps both jobs separate.

She isn’t afraid of risks such as picking up STD’s because you cannot have unprotected sex commercially. As for her kids, they’ve seen the posters, magazines and billboards and they are happy with what she does, which makes her both, a happy mother and porn model.

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Source: The New Paper (October 5, 2011) - I want to be a porn star!