Choosing a gynaecologist in Singapore

Choosing a gynaecologist in Singapore

Congratulations on your pregnancy! To help you on this new and exciting journey, we have created a guide on finding the right gynaecologist in Singapore.

Recommended gynaecologist in Singapore

Recommended gynaecologist in Singapore — a primer for pregnant mums

Often, the blissful bubble of pregnancy bursts when you begin to grapple with the choices of available gynaecologists in Singapore and the numerous hospitals to deliver in. Recommendations, your preference, your husband’s preference, the best etc. are just some of the parameters you have to think of when taking a decision about these two.

Recommendations of gynaecologists begin to flow from family and friends as soon as the news of your pregnancy is out. What do you do?

You should politely thank them and then check out the recommendations, but do not feel obligated to stick with a certain gynaecologist just because your best friend or sister-in-law thinks the world of him/her.

The first thing is feeling comfortable with your gynaecologist. Some women prefer a female gynaecologist while others beg to differ. Explore a bit before you settle for one. As bad as you may feel, it is alright to switch gynaecologist in between your pregnancy. Talk to a few before deciding on one and do remember to include your husband in the decision.

Some factors to consider when choosing your gynaecologist in Singapore

1. What type of birth do you want?

Do you want a natural delivery, a C-section, a water birth, hypnobirth, home birth or even a natural birth? Then you need to find out which doctor can actually perform that for you and which hospital will be best equipped for what you want. For example, home birth is an option in Singapore but there are only a few doctors such as Dr. Paul Tseng at Thomson Medical Centre and Dr Lai Fon-Min at Camden Medical, who currently offer this service. For water birth, you will be limited to just NUH, Mt Alvernia Hospital, Raffles Hospital or Thompson.

2. Where can your doctor deliver?

Gynaecologists are generally limited to deliveries in the hospitals they are located in or have partnerships with. Some doctors have privileges to practice in other hospitals. Find out where your doctor can deliver, as choice of hospital may affect your choice of doctor.

3. Price

Gynaecologist pricing can vary drastically in Singapore. Some charge from $75 per consultation and there are others who charge upwards of $150 per consult.

4. Doctor’s attitude about issues that are important to you

You may want to ask your doctor about about their opinion regarding the routine use ultrasounds or doppler, how they feel about C-section and episiotomies. You can’t predict what your individual situation will require, but you can get an idea of the doctor’s general approach to care and practice patterns from his or her responses to these questions.

If you’re about to become a mum for the second time, it is usually advisable to stick with the gynaecologist that you saw when you were pregnant the first time round as he/she would be more familiar with you and your medical history and you more comfortable with him/her.

Once you have chosen which gynaecologist in Singapore you will see, it’s a good idea to narrow down which hospital you want to give birth in. Do check out our comprehensive review of all the maternity hospitals in Singapore. 

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Roshni Mahtani

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