Devoted Chinese Husband Cooks a Different Meal for Wife Every Day

Devoted Chinese Husband Cooks a Different Meal for Wife Every Day

It started of as a tender gesture of making his darling wife confinement meals after she had their baby in February this year. But this hubby kept going with his delicious home-made breakfasts for his wife, and is still going strong!

They say a way into a (spouse)’s heart is through their stomach. This husband has taken it to a whole new level for his wife.

Li Ping, who stays in Chengdu with his family prepares a delightful new dish for his wife every day.

CCTV news covered this tale of a  devoted husband who has prepared 600 different meals in the past 273 days. That is an average of 2.1 different dishes a day for more than a year.

Since Yi Na gave birth to their baby in February this year, Li has been busy making a delicious new breakfast dish for his beloved wife every single day.

His repertoire is wide and varied, and he states that, “I could cook many cuisines no matter if it’s China’s Cantonese cuisine, Shandong cuisine, or South Korean and French food”.

chinese husband cooks confinement meals for wife

Some of the delicious dishes Li cooks for his wife

It started of as confinement meals…

Li is a chef by profession. But he never cooked at home previously because he preferred to “relax completely at home” since he cooked so much at work.

But things changed since he and his wife had their baby girl earlier this year and Yi complained that her confinement meals at the hospital were not good.

According to reports, this prompted Li to start cooking for his wife… and he hasn’t stopped since. He is so passionate about cooking his beloved wife superb meals that sometimes, he even spends the whole day thinking about what to cook for the next day.

The term “Nuan Nan”, literally a “boy of warmth”, is used to describe a sweet and caring man who helps out with household chores for the family.

We think Li certainly fits the description with the sumptuous meals he whips up for his lucky wife!

Mums, what’s the best meal your hubby whips up for you? Let us know in a comment below!

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Brenda Loo

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