The Children's IKEA range - quirky,fun furniture for your child's bedroom!

The Children's IKEA range - quirky,fun furniture for your child's bedroom!

Are you finding it impossible to get sturdy yet fun and quirky furniture for your children? Introducing the Children’s IKEA range launched just last month! Keep reading to find out more...

What is the the Children’s IKEA range?

Having trouble getting your hands on fun, quirky furniture for the kids that lasts and doesn’t burn holes in your pockets? Well, luckily for you, IKEA recently launched their Children’s IKEA range that has been designed specially for 8 to 12 year olds.


Bring your little one’s dreams to life with sweet pastel pinks and lilacs laced with a black and pink SILKESLEN quilt adorned with unicorn prints, giving you that rock-chic feel. For the ultimate saccharine-sweet look throw in a couple of SARBAR heart cushions and complementary CHARMERANDE curtains!


Their new children’s range isn’t just for those who enjoy the soft and the breezy in your family, they have 4 room settings you can draw inspiration from: creative artists, avid collectors, rockstars and techie gamers.

Pick bits and pieces from each setting to suit your child’s personality the best! FANTASIRIK wall art, ORDNA mini, printed chests, SPRIDA LED spotlights and even the VÄNTAD rug lined with LED lights to give even the smallest of rockstars the best of stages!

Småles children’s club – now for ages 4-12

Kids who have been growing up with Småland don’t have to miss out just because they’re getting a little older! Special activities, promotions and events are now offered to children until they are 12-years-old.

Children's IKEA range

Give your little dancing queen everything she’s ever dreamed of

IKEA believes that a child’s room should be more than just somewhere to tuck your child in for the night or store clothes and toys. Instead, a bedroom should be a place where a child can express her sense of individuality – and we can’t help but agree!

With such a wide and inclusive range, we’re sure the Children’s IKEA range will have something for every mini princess, rockstar, collector and inspiring artist. From wall décor and treasure chests to kooky cushions, they’ve got it all

More about the Children’s IKEA range on the next page! 

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IKEA recognises that children don’t think about safety when they play. Because of this, ‘safety’ is something IKEA incorporates in every aspect of their Children’s range, ensuring your little angel is safe at all times.

All Children’s IKEA range products are tried and tested by kids, for kids; resulting in items that are strong and safe, yet reflect a child’s wonderful, magical imagination.

With all the fabulous choices available, plus the added security that your child is safe and protected, it simply means that it doesn’t get much better than this!

Children’s IKEA Range Launch

Our team was privileged to attend the Children’s IKEA School where we were welcomed by the assistant marketing manager, Ms Sandra Keasberry, before moving on to take part in an arts and craft session.

During the arts and craft session, we rediscovered our inner child as we tried our hand at perler beads. We had the chance to make little key chains in the shape of anything we could think of and also make other fabulous creations with the beads.

Children's Ikea range

Our team getting creative!

The launch ended with a tour of new Children’s IKEA room sets for kids between the ages of 8 to 12.

So parents, what are you waiting for? Head on to IKEA today – we promise that you and your kids won’t be disappointed!

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Have you got any products from the Children’s IKEA range? Tell us what you think – leave a comment!

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