Children's book review : Abbie Rose and The Magic Suitcase II

Children's book review : Abbie Rose and The Magic Suitcase II

The latest addition to childrens book series Abbie Rose , Author Neil Humphrey brings you to a whirlwind underwater adventure.

Children’s book Title: Abbie Rose and the Magic Suitcase : I trapped a dolphin but it wasn’t really my fault

Author: Neil Humphreys

Illustrated by: Cheng Puay Koon


Childrens book review: Abbie Rose and the Magical Suitcase II

The story revolves around Abbie Rose and her underwater adventure with her teddy bear Billy. With the power of her magical suitcase and approval from her dad, she dives into the underwater realm of aquatic creatures. This book teaches kids the difference between underwater mammals to those on land. Abbie Rose discovers new animals from stories her dad tells and swishes off for an up close encounter. She gets herself into a pickle when Billy (her teddy) and her new found friend, the dolphin, get captured by a big fishing net. Quick on her feet, she uses her wit to help save the day! This book engages young ones with detailed illustrations and bright eye-catching colors. Words are easy to read, with bold big fonts, focusing on spelling and pronunciation. A splendid read for young kids.

Overall, this storybook was a visually stimulating educational piece. But there were certain unanticipated bits of the book that gave it a quirky twist.

This book is available from May 2013 onwards. Priced at S$14.85 (exclusive of GST).
Published by : Marshall Cavendish

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