Creating a child-friendly floor space for baby's tummy time

Creating a child-friendly floor space for baby's tummy time

Tummy time is important for young babies to strengthen their necks. But it's important for them to have a clean and non-toxic floor space. Find out what you need to look for in a children's rug.


1. Picking the right floor

This is an important factor that we need to consider while creating a child-friendly floor space. In the above image we can see the pros and cons of each type of floor space, that you can choose according to your need.

E.g. Carpet is soft, comfortable, and forgiving, but it is also harder to clean and takes more maintenance.


2. Why does a nursery need a rug?

Tummy time is considered to be vital for the development of babies, since they spend most of the time playing on the floor. If the nursery has a rug, it will provide a soft area to relax.


3. What to look for in a rug?

Since we know that a rug should be the part of the nursery, we also need to be specific when it comes to choosing the right one. We need to check three boxes, which are soft and safe, easy to clean, and good looking.


4. Fun and educational children’s rugs

We have come to the conclusion that rugs are a necessity when it comes to creating a child-friendly floor space, we can also opt for the rugs that not only provide comfort and are easy to clean, but also educational. The preceding image shows us the different types of educational rugs.

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