How can you help your child concentrate better in school?

How can you help your child concentrate better in school?

Is your child’s lack of concentration at school troubling you? Here are 3 key tips that can help you improve your child’s focus.

Many kids find it hard to concentrate at school.

There are many contributing factors to this problem: tonnes of homework, extra-curricular activities and enrichment classes, school projects, long school days, and going to bed late. And when you add the effects of all these, it results in a tired and sleepy child at school the next day, struggling to focus in class.

The vicious cycle continues day after day, taking a toll on the child’s health and alertness. But it’s not just a child’s daily concentration that suffers. They may also perform worse than expected in exams.

As parents, naturally you will be concerned about them. You might even enrol them in extra classes with the hope that this will improve their grades. As a result, though, your child will have even less time to themselves and may end up more exhausted than ever.

How can you help your child improve their focus, but at the same time, ensure balance in their lives?

Before you can take steps to help your child, you will need to understand the signs of lack of focus in children, as well as the reasons behind them.

How can you help your child concentrate better in school?Signs of Weak Concentration

According to Dr Margie, paediatrician at the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, the following signs may indicate attention difficulties in children:

  • is unable to sit still
  • is easily distracted
  • has problems following instructions
  • has problems organising themselves, or is constantly losing things
  • has difficulty completing school work
  • has poor handwriting compared to other children of the same age
  • is experiencing learning difficulties
  • displays aggression, moodiness or irritability
  • experiences difficulty making and keeping friends
  • shows clumsiness

The reasons for these attention-related issues could be many: a poor routine and not having enough hours of sleep, a diet high in sugar and fat, and excessive screen-time (especially prior to going to bed), among others.

How can you help your child concentrate better in school?Tips to Improve Your Child’s Concentration 

1. Ensure your child is getting enough sleepMost primary school-aged children still need 10 to11 hours of sleep and kids over the age of 12 need eight to nine hours of sleep.

2. Let your child use mobile devices sparingly. Set some limits and make a deal that there will be no screen-time until the weekend. For school-aged children, the recommendation is no more than two hours per day of screen-time

3. Ensure that your child is eating a balanced diet with minimal processed food, or foods with added sugar. Give your child nutritious health supplements such BRAND’S® AlphaMynd Essence of Chicken with Vitamin B Complex for Children.

BRAND’S® AlphaMynd Essence of Chicken is an easy-to-drink supplement for children aged two to 12. It has no fat and sugar but has protein that keeps children full and also boosts their mental alertness. If you give it to your child at breakfast, you’re helping them get a great start to their day, and more importantly, improve their focus through the day. 

As the video showcases, parents see a marked improvement in the scores of kids who drank BRAND’s Essence of Chicken. It also helps that children love the taste!

As one of the mums testifies in the above video, she found that her 10 year old who had mild ADD(attention deficit disorder) could feel a difference after using BRAND’s Essence of Chicken. He could focus better in class, he seemed more determined to complete his work in a specific given time frame.

Another mum found that her girl, 10, after drinking one bottle of BRAND’s Essence of Chicken daily in the 12-Days Challenge, every morning before going to school, she didn’t feel so tired or sleepy in the morning, and could focus better in class. Her score in the BFC Concentration Game also showed slight improvement from her quite – high initial score (as Maths is her favourite subject).

The child showed improvement in her concentration in practicing the piano (which she used to dislike and would give a sulky and tired face and a slouching posture) and she was in a happier mood these few days as she seemed to have more quality sleep and rest, waking up less tired and sleepy. “She even asked if we would buy more bottles for her to continue drinking it till her exam period. It tells something, isn’t it?” the mum says.

Why BRAND’s Essence of Chicken?

By providing BRAND’s Essence of Chicken to your children every morning, you will give them the best start every morning to absorb 100% of the information they receive at school.

The benefits are  immense.

With a mental boost to start their day, children will be better able to  focus in school. They will be mentally alert enough to absorb and understand the information they receive in class. What this means is that they’ll be able to tackle their homework more accurately and efficiently, giving them  time for some play or exercise before going to bed.

BRAND’S Essence of chicken doesn’t just help with mental alertness, but also reduces cortisol (stress hormones), and improves mood (increases serotonin, or the “happy” hormone).

Happy and stress-free kids with good concentration will mean fewer expenses for parents (less tutors and extra classes to compensate for poor grades at school). At the same time, kids will have more free time to play and exercise, as well as enjoy more bonding time with you. It’s truly a win-win situation!

Mums and dads, with the right measures, you can help your child concentrate better and perform better at school and in life.

BRAND’S® AlphaMynd Essence of Chicken with Vitamin B Complex for Children is sold at FairPrice and online channels like Lazada.

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