Child care centres to reduce fees in 2016

Child care centres to reduce fees in 2016

As of 2016, 169 childcare centres in Singapore will lower their fees.

On 19 October, an announcement has been made by 23 pre-school partner operators that run 169 child care centres which offer 16,500 places. These partner operators include Star Learners which has 22 centres and Carpe Diem which has 16 centres.

According to the new partner operator (POP) scheme, participating centres are to cut fees at $800 per month (before GST) for full-day child care.

Appointed for a five-year term, the partner operators will execute a one-off fee reduction and are required to keep fee increment affordable on 1 January next year.

After the announcement of the POP scheme in March this year, it has attracted 40 applicants such as joint proposals by various operators.

In a span of five years, $250 million has been set aside by the Government for the partner operator and anchor operator schemes.

Below is a list of fee cap before GST.

full day half day child care fees

For a full list of child care operators, click here.

Source: Straits Times.

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