New Mum Cheryl Wee Reveals She Had High Fever During Labour

New Mum Cheryl Wee Reveals She Had High Fever During Labour

Cherly Wee shares, "My temperature was 38.8 degrees then and they were afraid that if I waited any longer, the chances of infection would increase."

It has been only 2 weeks since she gave birth to ‘Baby M’, and already, actress, entrepreneur and new mum, Cheryl Wee, is feeling overwhelmed.

She recently shared her emotions on Instagram, “It’s been a roller coaster 2 weeks, starting off with a week long latent labour, contractions and sleepless nights, to delivering him and now in confinement.”

“The joys of having a baby is amazing, no words can describe. but the frustrations and doubts are like walking in the dark.”

“From whether to drink only red dates or not? To bathe or not even touch water? To feed as doctor’s orders or go by baby’s needs?”

“Is his jaundice going down? Or shower him in some flower to chase the yellow away? Can eat ginger or no? So many schools of thought and so many wanted their way with baby M, I was so overwhelmed, I froze…”

Cheryl Wee had fever during delivery

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Cheryl gave birth to a baby boy on April 26, 2018, one day after her 31st birthday! The star recently revealed some problems she faced during delivery time. 

She told 8 Days, “My contractions started a week before my delivery.”

“For that whole week, I was in pain — the doctor said that was just the latent (early) part of labour. On the day of my delivery, my water bag burst at around midnight. So Roy brought me to the hospital. I didn’t sleep the whole night.”

“When morning came, I was running a fever.”

“When you’re running a fever during labour, you risk having an infection. The doctor came in and said I had better start pushing now because firstly, I was dilated, and secondly, my fever was getting higher.”

“My temperature was 38.8 degrees then and they were afraid that if I waited any longer, the chances of infection would increase.”

“Roy and the doctor knew that, but they didn’t tell me at that time because they didn’t want to scare me. Roy just told me to focus on how I was going to see my baby soon so that I wouldn’t think so much about the pain.”

“Thankfully, the delivery process wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be.”

She also contracted a postpartum urinary tract infection (UTI), and had to be put on antibiotics.

Does Cheryl Wee follow confinement practices?

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Yes, apparently Cheryl does follow confinement practices.

She revealed how it took some time to get used to them.

She tells 8 Days, “I’m not used to how I’m not really allowed to shower because I’m used to showering two or three times a day. I didn’t shower for the first five days [after giving birth] but because I had UTI, my doctor said that I should shower.”

Guess what, mummy (and beauty maven) Jean Yip personally cooks 3 meals a day for Cheryl!

Cheryl says, “The basic confinement food would be like pork liver and kidney with ginger. She will think of new dishes so I won’t get sick of the food.”

“I think confinement food is very important because you’re recuperating. So far, I haven’t had any difficulties pumping breast milk because my mum has been feeding me a lot of fish, which supposedly increases the amount of breast milk in nursing mum.”

Cheryl has also been adding traditional herbs to her bath water.

Cheryl Wee on motherhood

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Meanwhile, Cheryl has largely been secretive about her baby. We don’t know his real name yet, we know him only as ‘Baby M’.

Also, we are yet to see the baby’s face properly!

This mummy is amazed how motherhood has made her more selfless. She tells 8 Days, “When I see his skin peeling now, I wonder if I passed my eczema to him. When I was running a fever in the delivery room, I worried if my fever would cause him any harm…”

She remains grateful for a loving hubby and a family who showers her with love.

She writes it so beautifully, “There are bound to be frustrations and bumps in our ride, but now each time I think of the love we are showered with, my heart melts, just as when baby M puts on a smile as if to say, “Mummy, we are loved. That’s all that matters.””

“It really is…”

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(Source: 8 Days)

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