Cherrie Ying’s violent mood swings during pregnancy

Cherrie Ying’s violent mood swings during pregnancy

Find out how Jordan Chan remained supportive and patient during Cherrie Ying's violent and pregnant mood swings.

mood swings during pregancy Cherrie Ying's postpartum anger

Cherrie Ying’s unbearable pregancy

Taiwanese born Hong Kong TV actress, also the wife of Jordan Chan, recently gave birth to a little boy on the 1st of July, whom they named Jasper. The Hong Kong sweetheart has starred in various sitcoms and two movies, one of which is "Kung Fu Chefs".

It may seem unbelievable that the pleasant faced actress is capable of expressing anger at all but hormones change everything. Diva Asia reported that she had violent mood swings during pregnancy. She was also extremely difficult for her husband to handle.

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Poor husband

Despite how difficult she was behaving, Jordan persisted tolerating and doted on her. He listened to every one of her orders. When she asked him to stand, he would do just that.

One time, Cherrie admitted that she felt like killing him. She told him, “Whoever got me pregnant has to withstand it!”

Cherrie would not even hear of her husband’s complaints about being exhausted from work. She would shut him up by saying, “Unless you have a uterus, don’t come to talk to me about it!” And yet, this wonderful hubby did not mind her mood swings during pregnancy, and even after she gave birth to Jasper as well.

In fact, Jordan was full of admiration for her courage. He comforted her and tried to distract her from the pain while she had a Caesarean section. He said, “She bit back the pain and was very determined; it’s something which only women withstand. It’s not easy.”

Mood swings during pregnancy

You may have heard of pregnant women getting violent, or the unsettling stories of women who have postpartum depression. But you may never have imagined it to be as bad as it really is. Until your own wife suffers from bouts of hormonal change.

In fact, it is very common to have mood swings during pregnancy. And according to Sing Health, postpartum depression affects 10 to 15 per cent of women after childbirth. Typically, postpartum depression is associated with misery, depression, lackaday, grief and so on. But no one would expect postpartum depression to manifest in the form of anger.

cherrie ying Deal with your difficult wife's pregnancy like how Jordan Chan did.

Women do turn aggressive after childbirth and husbands have a tough time dealing with all these hormonal changes, trying their best to keep their beloved wives in check. Having said that, Hong Kong TV star, Jordan Chan is one impressive husband.

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How to deal with a difficult wife

If your wife has violent mood swings during pregnancy, or even after giving birth, be patient, be kind. She most probably has postpartum depression. Depending on the extent of mood swings, her postpartum depression may range from mild to a case severe enough to be hospitalised.

But we also understand that the postpartum period is a difficult time for fathers as well, so here are 5 tips for you to ease her life.

  1. Do not blame her. It is not her fault for having postpartum depression, so do not judge or do not make comparisons with other women.
  2. Be extremely giving. Most men do not understand what their wives are going through and instead, they find them unreasonable and respond by picking a fight. Let them be.
  3. Praise. She probably feels very lousy about herself. She needs more encouragement and praises. Show that you are still very much attracted to her.
  4. Support. She needs plenty of support. When she needs a shoulder to cry on, or when she needs a punching bag, be that person whom she trusts and relies on.
  5. Seek professional help. If all else fails, a doctor or a professional will know what to do.

How was your wife during her pregnancy? Tell us. We'd love to hear from you! For more information on this topic, watch this father/husband’s tips

Refer to Sing Health for more information on postpartum depression.

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