Cherie Hearts @ Changi South Pte Ltd

Cherie Hearts @ Changi South Pte Ltd

Cherie Hearts @Changi South are ready to nurture , care and educate children . We welcome all parents and children to come in to our centre to have a memorable, fun and exciting learning journey!

Cherie Hearts @ Changi South takes pride in offering an excellent and exceptional learning environment, and is focused and committed to bring out the very best in your child’s learning potential.

Our branch director, Ms Sadhana Singh, is a firm believer of early childhood development. To her, it is important to provide an enjoyable and stimulative learning environment for children at a very young age, stressing on the importance of the approach and methodologies adopted to assist the children’s learning.

At Cherie Hearts @ Changi South, children have always been and always will be our very first priority. This is why our centre centers around the philosophy and belief that children need to learn and explore at their own pace so that they can maximize their own growth potential. By advancing in accordance to their progress will also greatly help in learning retention, such as fundamental skills including linguistics, mathematics and science, cognitive, motor and emotional wellbeing.

A holistic approach to a child’s development is vital but not complete without parents involvement. We welcome every child and parent as part of our big family. This helps promote a two way interaction that can lead to further benefits for your child. Teachers can get a better grasp of how the child is like at home and vice versa for the parents. Teachers and parents can then work closely together to monitor the child’s progress and react accordingly, which will only bring about exponential growth in your child’s development for independence and confidence.

From the day they were born, our children require emotional care and physical affection in a nurturing and soothing environment. Every single experience is a totally new one for these bundles of joy. Their world is filled with seeing, hearing and feeling, which stimulates their senses to help them grow and develop. Your response to their constant cries for attention provides emotional nourishment, which also creates a warm and secure environment for these tiny tots.

As children seek greater autonomy, temper tantrums sometimes appear, though often subside with age. Discipline and style of parenting is an important developmental influence.The child develops a sense of self around the end of the second year. Initiative appears: the child starts making things happen. Conscience appears: the child knows right from wrong and is often afraid of being caught doing something wrong. Gender identity develops through biological and social influences. Social influences include parents, peers and media sources. Morality develops, influenced by role models. Peer relations develop, children often want to dress, talk and act like their friends. Social development of a child in the early childhood stage is influenced by type of parenting, economic status of the family and family structure. Play is important. There are different types of play are being set in our centre. Children will be able to learn and play at the same time with the way we arrange of centre.

Our Core Values are;Creating a fun and creative learning team,Quality Care,Parents as Partners,Community & Family Involvement ,Results & Growth

Basic info about our services , Student capacity infant 1 to 4 , childcare 1-10 , age group , age group 2 months to 6 years, before and after school care for primary school children up to 12 years old, emergency care, flexi care , opening hours 7am to 7.30 pm . Please do not hesitate to call us at 65462689 to find out more information.

Cherie Hearts @Changi South are ready to nurture , care and educates children . We welcome all parents and children to come in to our centre to have a memorable , fun and exciting learning journey!




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