Charlie Sheen says the toughest 3 words- "I'm HIV positive"

Charlie Sheen says the toughest 3 words- "I'm HIV positive"

Charlie Sheen reveals he is HIV positive. But says he's not passed it on to anyone else.

Actor Charlie Sheen, 50, of 'Two and A Half Men' fame, revealed to sources in an interview that he's HIV positive, and has known this for the past four years.

Sheen said it was impossible that he had passed on the virus to anyone else.

He's not entirely sure how he contracted the virus, but the symptoms started with migraines and profuse sweating. At first he thought he had brain tumour and that it was the end of the world for him.

Sheen claimed that people who knew his HIV-positive status had extorted money from him to keep it a secret. And also said he would stop paying them now that his HIV status was public, adding: “I release myself from this prison today.”

He confirmed earlier reports that ex-wives Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards knew about his diagnosis.

Charlie Sheen was fired from the sets of Two And A Half Men in 2011 for bad behaviour that included cocaine-fuelled partying with porn stars and a conviction for assaulting his ex-wife.

His doctor who accompanied him for the interview confirmed that Charlie Sheen did not have AIDS.

Fans and celebs took to social media to offer support to Sheen and urging everyone to get rid of the shame associated with this.

In related reports, ex-wife Denise Richards apparently  told sources that she and their two daughters, 11-year-old Sam and 10-year-old Lola, are HIV negative.

Presently, Charlie Sheen is currently undergoing treatment for depression and "was not using drugs but was drinking alcohol."

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