3 effective ways to keep your baby’s skin soft and smooth

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Your baby's skin is so very delicate. How do you protect and care for it so that it remains kissably-soft? The tips in this article should help...

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Your baby is born with kissably-soft skin. How do you keep it that way?

Your baby’s skin is as delicate as a petal and smooth as the finest silk.

Medical experts at Web MD explain that children “have thinner skin than adults, and their immune systems aren’t completely developed, so they aren’t as well-equipped to deal with the irritants in their environments.”

This is why looking after your baby’s skin is as important as providing him with love, warmth and nourishment. If your little one’s tender skin does not receive proper care, you might find yourself dealing with various skin conditions such as dryness, roughness and rashes.

Mums, here are three ways you can avoid nasty skin conditions in your little one, and help keep his skin soft and smooth always.

cetaphil baby Singapore

Remember to dry your little one’s clothes away from direct sunlight.

1. Wash baby’s clothes before they are worn

Yes, those teeny tiny clothes are super adorable. But resist the urge to dress your baby in them as soon as you buy them, as they might contain dye residue or other chemicals. So, always wash your little one’s clothes before you put them on him.

Experts recommend that you use only baby detergents that are free of fragrance and dye. Also, ensure that you wash your baby’s clothes separately from the rest of your laundry. Lastly, avoid hanging your baby’s clothes to dry in direct sunlight as this could make them stiff and harsh against your baby’s skin, irritating it.

cetaphil baby Singapore

A wide-brimmed sun hat will help protect your little one’s skin from the sun’s rays.

2. Provide proper sun protection

The sun’s rays can be quite damaging to your baby’s delicate skin, causing sunburn, blisters and other types of skin damage. Experts say that “an infant’s skin possesses little melanin, the pigment that gives color to skin, hair and eyes and provides some sun protection.” Because of this, babies are particularly susceptible to the sun’s damaging effects.

If you are taking your little one out when it’s hot, ensure you dress him in light, cotton clothing to keep him cool, and also provide sun protection. A sun hat will also help protect your baby’s soft skin from the sun, as will UV ray blocking screens on your car windows.

Once your baby is older (between six to 12 months), skin-care experts recommend using an age-appropriate sun-screen.

cetaphil baby Singapore

The skin care products you use on your baby should leave his skin feeling soft and moisturised – like Cetaphil Baby Products do.

3. Use ultra-gentle skin care products

Because a baby’s skin is so much more sensitive than an adult’s, the skin care products you use for him should be appropriately gentle.

Ideally, baby skin care products should be recommended by paediatricians and definitely free from parabens, preservatives and other additives. They should leave your little one’s skin feeling soft and smooth, without any greasy residue.

But with all the baby skin care products in the market, how do you choose one that ticks all the right boxes when it comes to effective care for your baby’s skin? You just need to choose a brand that’s synonymous with great skin care, such as Cetaphil — the skin experts.

Cetaphil products have been trusted by Singaporean families for their skin care needs for more than 30 years. It’s awesome then that it has launched a range of products that are especially suited to look after your precious baby’s skin – Cetaphil Baby.

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