Celebrity couple Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu happy to announce second pregnancy

Celebrity couple Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu happy to announce second pregnancy

The couple is pleased to announce they are pregnant for the second time. Although the pregnancy was not planned the couple is undoubtedly very excited!

A pleasant surprise

Having just given birth a year ago, Joanne Peh and her husband, Qi Yuwu, are pleasantly surprised to be announcing that they are pregnant yet again!

They told The New Paper that although they did want another child so that their daughter would have someone to play with, they did not expect it to be so soon. The couple admits that they had plans to wait before trying to conceive for the second time.

The announcement was made via her Instagram page with a cheeky picture of three pairs of feet and a sneaky pair of baby’s booties. Her caption reads, “We are so happy to share that our family is growing.”


Image Source: Joanne Peh

A time for family

Qi Yuwu, who was previously based in China has decided to sign a full-time contract with Mediacorp, so as to be able to spend more time with his growing family, reports Channel NewsAsia.

Peh says this pregnancy has been harder for her with her experiencing a loss of appetite and nausea. This, however, has not deterred her from continuing to work, which she did with her first child.

Battle of the sexes

While she had envisioned having a girl so that her daughters would be able to grow up as sisters and best friends, sharing dresses and clothes and gossip, her husband is reportedly hoping for a boy so he will not be the only male in the family.

As with many fathers, he also hopes for a boy to be able to bond with over the likes of sports. He feels he has to be gentler with his daughter, meaning that rough-housing is a no-no!


Image Source: Joanne Peh

It is still too early in her pregnancy to determine the sex of the baby and the couple says their decisions to reveal the sex of the baby to the public is based largely on whether or not the baby will let them know - in terms of cooperating during the ultrasound.

Source: The New Paper, Channel NewsAsia

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