Causes of Fluid Retention and Easy Remedies

Causes of Fluid Retention and Easy Remedies

Fluid retention is a common problem faced by many. Unfortunately, women suffer more instances of this irritating problem than men. Yet, they don’t have to – all it takes is a few simple remedies.

Have you ever felt your feet pushing out of your shoes at the end of a long day or a long flight? Do you feel puffed out sometimes, even though you are not allergic to anything? These could just be instances of water retention, an uncomfortable, at times painful, a condition that is easily addressed. All you need to know are the causes of fluid retention and a few simple remedies. Modifying your diet, small changes in your lifestyle or aids like compression socks can work wonders.


causes of fluid retention

What Is Fluid Retention?

Fluid retention or Oedema is the pooling of fluid, particularly water, in specific parts of the body.

Our bodies contain a significant amount of water, and when the balance of water and salts is disturbed, the body tries to hold on to the water. This results in puffiness, bloating and swelling. Weight fluctuations are followed by stiff joints and swollen feet. It may make you feel heavy and sluggish.

What Are the Causes of Fluid Retention?

Here are the common reasons for fluid retention:

  • Long flights: When flying, changes in cabin air pressure coupled with the position of the feet contribute to make the body retain fluid.
  • Standing and sitting for a long time: The cause is simply gravity. This pushes all the body fluid towards the feet and ankles.
  • Hormones and the menstrual cycle: Some women face water retention during premenstrual They may gain up to 2kg of weight. Others face oedema during pregnancy. Extra fluids prepared by the growing body pools to the lower limbs.
  • Dietary sodium: Extra sodium in food causes a salt imbalance in the body. Your body secretes anti-diuretic hormones to hold on to the water in certain pockets.

causes of fluid retention


If self-care and supplements do not help your body to get back to the normal state, visit your doctor. Your doctor will help identify the causes of fluid retention and suggest appropriate treatment.

Care and Prevention for Fluid Retention

Home remedies and lifestyle changes may help reduce fluid retention. Here are a few that you may consider:

Changes in Your Diet:

  • Reduce salt intake. As sodium causes salt imbalance, it is safe to reduce salt in food.
  • Consider taking B-vitamin supplements. Studies have shown that vitamin B, particularly vitamin B6, helps with water retention during the menstrual cycle.
  • Include enough protein in your diet. Protein tends to attract water. That’s why the right amount and kind of protein intake matters. For example, albumin prevents fluid leakage and swellings.
  • Avoid refined carbs and white sugar. Refined carbs and table sugar raise blood sugar and insulin. High insulin forces reabsorption of sodium in the body. Excess sodium will cause water retention.

Lifestyle Changes:

  • Put your feet up. Keeping your feet elevated above the heart (chest level) can help the blocked blood flow back. This time gravity works for recourse.
  • Get more exercise and drink more water. An old belief is that drinking more water has a paradoxical effect in reducing water retention. Exercise and walking can help dislodge water from their storage pockets, reducing fluid build-up.

causes of fluid retention


Use Aids and Remedies:

  • Use compression stockings. Compression socks of various types are very popular to treat these issues. Your doctor may recommend specific compression stockings depending on your need.

Compression Socks: What and How?

Causes of Fluid Retention and Easy Remedies

Compression stockings are socks specially made of stretch material to fit snugly to the feet, ankles and legs. They are designed to put adequate pressure on your legs to help open smaller arteries and veins and improve overall blood flow. This eases swellings and relieves aching feet. Compression socks can help prevent varicose veins and blood clots. They also help with lymphatic drainage.

There are three types of compression socks – graduated, anti-embolism and non-medical hosiery socks. The first two are specifically fitted and require a prescription. The third type is a non-graduated, OTC stocking.

The non-medical hosiery stockings are more comfortable to wear. Some are designed to be worn overnight such as Dr Scholl Medi Qtto.

Medi Qtto: A Super Cool Difference

Causes of Fluid Retention and Easy Remedies

When it comes to compression socks, there’s no better place to start than Medi Qtto, the number 1 brand in Japan for 8 years now. Medi Qtto uses soft, breathable fabric to provide maximum relaxation and support while you’re sleeping.

Medi Qtto Super Cool Compression Socks are:

  • Cool to the touch. Made from a special fabric that helps keep you cool at night.
  • Let moisture pass from skin to the air.
  • Absorbent and quick drying. For maximum comfort.
  • Made in Japan. Made with quality you can trust.

With compression socks, there is mild graduated compression to relieve swelling and muscle pain. Even if you don’t have any medical issues but need to stand for long periods of time at work, or if you wear high heels, Dr Scholl Medi Qtto is the answer. They help avoid cramps by improving blood circulation. Contouring shapely legs is an added benefit. And it’s all done overnight!

As a woman, you may have faced the distress of swollen ankles and tired feet. There is no reason to endure them any longer. A few remedial steps, proper diet and Medi Qtto will see you through the trying times.

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