3 things every young family can do with an extra $130 a month

3 things every young family can do with an extra $130 a month

Mums and dads: let us ask you a question. Would you like to have an extra $130 per month? Read on.

One of the happiest moments of our lives is when our little one is born. Holding the baby in our arms makes you forget all worries for a moment. Life starts to feel complete with the new addition.

But, as responsibilities increase, so do the expenses.

Many young families strive to cut down on household spend and save where they can. But would you believe us if we told you that you can have an extra $130 per month in your hands, without doing anything differently? That’s the advantage of a cashback.

Wait, what?! Tell me more about cashback!

Cashback is basically a fixed sum or a percentage of what you spend, given right back to you. Without doing anything else, you EARN as you transact. How amazing is that?!

POSB is offering cashback on 5 services where you can earn up to $130 back!

Learn more at the end of this article. First, let’s think about what you can do with that additional money.

What could an additional $130 a month get you?

There is always that extra ‘something’ that you wanted to get or do for your spouse and kids. Here are just some of them.

Extra education

POSB Cashback

Enrichment classes definitely don’t come cheap. But with an additional $130, your daughter’s music lessons or letting your spouse pursue a passion through a workshop would definitely be easy on the wallet.

For $130, you could get your toddler a tricycle and educational toys, or your 5-year-old kid some private swimming lessons! You can just visit Kidzania where your 8-year-old would have fun while learning a lot of life lessons through roleplay. Or, you can take an annual subscription for your 10-year-old to Science Centre and explore the ever changing exhibits!

Ensuring a better future for your kids is well within reach.

Read on to see what you can do with an extra $130

So. Much. Shopping!

How often have you cut down on your expenses despite feeling the urge to splurge? There is always a need that takes priority over your wants.

Well, $130 can get you at least some of the things you have always wanted to buy! What more, with POSB’s offer, when you use your credit card to make purchases, these go into next month’s cashback!

Get a Bouncy Castle for your daughter’s extra special second birthday! Get your family captured in a beautiful outdoor photo shoot. Or you can get a trampoline to let your 6-year-old kids go crazy!

Create memories of a lifetime through travel

Think about it: when you earn $130 in cashback every month, you have more than $1500 at the end of the year!

You can take the family vacation you’ve always wanted, finally. You can travel without worry too because POSB credit cards are accepted internationally. So, you continue to earn your cashback even when you are sipping your cocktail, beachside.

If not a big vacation, you can go for a family outing every month! Go park-hopping at the Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird park or just have fun at Adventure Cove!

POSB Cashback Bonus

There are many financial services that families depend on – from credit cards to car and home loans – and it makes sense to use one service provider.

POSB is Singapore’s trusted bank and it’s offering a cashback on 5 categories when you spend on more than 3 of them.

You can get a cash back of 0.3% on your salary deposits and credit card spending (Up to $20 each) and 3% cashback on insurance, home loan instalments and investments (up to $30 each).

POSB Cashback

These are the very things every young family needs to spend on anyway, so, you don’t have to do anything different; just avail these services from POSB.

Every one of us could use an extra $130 per month, right?

Now, what if we told you that you could get MORE than $130 in cashback per month? It’s simpler than you think: have your spouse sign up with POSB too and watch your monthly cashback sum grow!

POSB Cashback

Optimise both your spending and savings with the POSB Cashback Bonus. Find out more at posb.com.sg/cashbackbonus.

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Anay Bhalerao

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