Actress Carole Lin shares the C-section trauma she endured at age 42

Actress Carole Lin shares the C-section trauma she endured at age 42

Local actress gives birth to her first child and shares her traumatic c-section experience.

A problem-free pregnancy doesn’t come easy if you’re pregnant in your 40s. For local actress, Carole Lin, she’s one of the lucky few. Her baby is in the list of SG50 celeb babies.

Initially, the 42-year-old wanted to give birth to her daughter, Brooklyn, naturally and without the use of pain relief drugs. However, due to complications, she was not permitted to do so for the sake of her baby’s safety.

Carole Lin's traumatic C-section

Carole Lin's level of amniotic fluid decreased drastically just a couple of days before her delivery date in August. A caesarean section had to be done.

The amniotic fluid fills the sac which surrounds the baby. It also serves a handful of important functions such as cushioning the baby from trauma and maintaining a constant temperature in the womb.

On top of that, it also protects the baby from infection and also prevents the umbilical cord from being compressed.

According to sources, this experience traumatised the actress. “Due to the anaesthetic given to me, I panicked when, the day after, I still could not feel my legs. I was really scared, worried that I had become paralysed. I started to shiver and tremble, and it felt like I was out of breath,” she shared.

Lin added, "It was only after a day that I regained feeling in the lower half of my body." After the birth of her first child, she would much rather prefer undergoing a natural delivery.

Without the support and encouragement of her husband, David Lim and her friends, she would have not made it through.

Source: The New Paper

Lead image credit: Carole Lin

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