Can your child become the next Einstein or Van Gogh?

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Are geniuses made or born? Whether your child is average or brilliant at school, there is a way now to discover his or her innate ability by enrolling him into a 30-day special programme initiated with a two-day intensive workshop at Genius Mind Academy (GMA) for children and teenagers between the ages of 5 and 15. Unleash your child’s potential at Genius Mind Academy.

Can your child become the next Einstein or Van Gogh?Here is the story of nine-year-old Christopher, who used to hate going to school as he felt incapable and unwilling to cope with the curriculum’s demands.  He would fake illness to avoid going or refuses to talk about his school day.  Worried of his attitude, Christopher’s mother, Mrs. Dorothy Lee, discussed her concerns to several of her friends. One of them suggested enrolling him into GMA.

After attending the GMA’s workshop, Christopher developed a better attitude towards school.  From zero tolerance for school, Christopher amazingly became optimistic about his studies. “My son’s transformation is a miracle! He used to hate spelling tests and math. He is now the eager beaver of the class,” says Mrs. Lee. “Christopher’s level of concentration is also very high and he is more sensitive and loving. When it comes to doing house chores, he does it enthusiastically. Previously, I had to force him to do his home work and chores. Not anymore.”

Can your child become the next Einstein or Van Gogh?But there’s something else that Christopher can do that he previously could not - he can read blindfolded.  He can also perceive the numbers, symbols and colours of playing cards and identify the amount of a banknote and read its serial number. He is also able to remember the material in detail and solve problems in a creative and totally new ways.  His ability to learn new subjects has become easier and faster.  He is more focused on an activity without giving in to any distractions.  Christopher is just one of the many kids and teenagers who have been empowered as a result of the GMA workshop.  Children are tapping into their hidden talents parents never knew existed.

Christopher’s ability to read blindfolded is a clear indication that his midbrain has been activated. In other words, Christopher’s left and right brain hemispheres are communicating to each other – they are in sync. Researchers have learnt that the left brain is responsible for completely different functions than the right brain.  According to this theory, the left brain is the analytical one, responsible for measurement, logic, math, analysis while the right brain focuses on creativity, art, intuition and the use of words.

Can your child become the next Einstein or Van Gogh?The midbrain activation is done during the GMA workshop by incorporating a proven audio-based sound technology. This stimulates the middle region of the child’s brain. During sessions, children wear headphones to listen intermittently to the proprietary set of sound-waves. It resonates with the child’s brain, resulting in a balanced used of the whole brain power eventually. A child improves in one or more of the following areas: Memory, concentration, creativity, motor control, and balanced personal character. Under the care of child trainers and coaches, the children are then ushered to a playful state comprising of fun-filled activities involving singing, dancing, playing games and watching movies. Children are also taught teamwork and positive values along with brain-gym exercises.

Can your child become the next Einstein or Van Gogh?It is perhaps difficult to imagine a child’s transformation, but seeing believes, especially when they have developed an innate ability that lets them do what seems previously impossible. But more than 1700 children have enrolled into the GMA workshop since it was established in July 2010 with parents readily willing to endorse and recommend the programme to others.   The result of the workshop programme is extraordinary for individual children.

“Each child is a unique individual with enormous potential to be developed. Our objective is to nurture the young and harness the extraordinary powers of the whole brain to produce fantastic results,” explains Mr. Yao Shih Lien, GMA’s Managing Director.

GMA has been stirring up great media buzz ever since it introduced its workshop for children and teenagers. It won the SME1 Asia Awards 2011 in its Emerging Entrepreneur Category. Recognised as one of the top five winners in this category, the award is bestowed to companies that have generated more than S$1 million in turnover in their first year of business operations.

Can your child become the next Einstein or Van Gogh?

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