Can My Child Grow Double Eyelids?

Can My Child Grow Double Eyelids?

"Can my child grow double eyelids" is a question many mums are asking these days. Find out the answer and more about Asia's fascination with eyelids..

In Asia — where much emphasis is put on beauty and appearance — it is not out of the ordinary to be concerned with our eyelids.

Chances are many of us grew up talking about whether we had double eyelids or single eyelids, or how we can make our single eyelids double, or if our baby is born with single eyelids is there a possibility that they will eventually become double eyelids?

Can My Child Grow Double Eyelids?

This is why double-eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty has become a very common trend among young Asian girls.

In countries like Japan and Korea, where blepharoplasty is very popular, and in Asia in general, some women believe that having a double eyelid can make you more beautiful. Of course, this is highly subjective!

The double/single eyelid subject is sometimes a controversial one with opponents saying that this is a trend created in an attempt to follow western standards of beauty.

However, Dr. Edward Kwak, a  New York-based cosmetic surgeon, states that most patients who opt for the surgery are not aspiring to be like their Caucasian counterparts but like many Asians who naturally have an eyelid fold. Many high school graduates believe that this procedure ‘improves their job prospects’ as double eyelids provide a more energetic appearance.

Double Eyelid Surgery in Korea: Costs, Before & After, Recovery

A before and after photo of blepharoplasty . | Photo: Mina Plastic Surgery

Many mums are concerned about this subject, too, and wonder if their babies who have single eyelids will eventually grow double eyelids. Babies do change as they grow and almost all newborns have slightly swollen eyes when they emerge from the womb, giving an appearance of a single eyelid.

When your baby is around two months old, his features start getting more prominent and you will know if your baby will have single or double eyelids.

“Generally, most children are born with the single or double eyelids that they will keep throughout their lives. A few, however, may develop double eyelids as they grow up because the relationship of muscle attachment to the eyelid and the fat under the eyelid skin changes,” Shares Dr Gerard Nah Medical Director of W Eye Clinic, in Singapore.

However there is actually an easier way to determine what your baby’s eyes will probably look like — look at your own and your spouse’s eyes! If both of you have single eyelids then chances are that your baby will have them too. If you and your spouse have different-looking eyelids, your child could have either single or double ones!

Can My Child Grow Double Eyelids?

If you and your spouse have single eyelids, chances are your child will have them too. Your child’s appearance is mainly determined by genetics.

Some mums have also given their opinion on this subject on a public forum and here are some of their comments:

“it all depends on the gene pool… i have one double lid and one mono lid but most of the time my mono lid becomes a double lid and if i cry and rub my eyes it becomes a caucasion looking double lid for a day lol but my mother has double lids and my dad has monolids so it basically in the genes”

“My hubby has huge eyes with double eyelids, i have tiny eyes with single eyelids & our son has huge eyes with single eyelids.. actually i think our son looks very adorable with single eyelids & i kinda hope he stays that way”

“since both of u hv double eyelids, ur children shld hv double eyelids too. unless 1 of your 4 parents hv single eyelid”

“my boy has very obvious double eyelids since birth and they are still there! dont worry mummy! no matter how she changes, she will still be your darling!”

The last mum’s comment sums it up quite accurately — whatever your baby looks like, single eyelided or double eyelided, he or she will be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever set your eyes on!

If we tell our children how naturally beautiful they are, they will grow to be comfortable with the features they were born with and be happy with the way they look.

What is your opinion on this topic? We would love to hear from you, so do leave us a comment below.


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