Can I introduce avocado to my 8 month-old baby ?

Can I introduce avocado to my 8 month-old baby ?

Mum needs help: Hi parents. Can I introduce avocado to my 8 month-old baby?

Introducing avocado to your baby?

Advantage of avocado when weaning your baby

When do you introduce food like avocado to your baby?

The avocado is a fruit that one always seems to miss out. The term ‘fruit’ and ‘health’ always seems tie in with oranges, grapes and apples. Now did we ever imagine, that even fruit are susceptible to stereotypical perceptions? How sad for our mighty little avocado when in fact, the avocado was a fruit that was once considered a food of luxury as it was only reserved for the tables of royalty. The avocado is one fruit that packs up a punch when it comes to healthy eating. Did you know that the avocado is an ideal food for children and babies as well? It makes a great first food for babies due to its texture and high nutritional content. It also serves as a “good fat” food for baby’s physical and brain development. The density of avocado flesh is filling and acts as a digestible slow-burning fuel, providing energy for growing children.

Because of its high carbohydrates and protein content, mashed avocado is the perfect nourishing food for babies who are beginning to take solid foods. It is also one of the richest sources of fiber among all fruits and vegetables. It is packed with vitamins A, several B-complex, especially B3 (folic acid), powerful anti-oxidants like vitamins C and E, calcium, iron, potassium and many more nutrients.

Furthermore, the avocado is often called one of nature’s most perfect foods as they are said to contain everything a person needs to survive. Lets look at the responses of some parents to a question that a parent has asked regarding the feeding of avocado to her child.

Mum needs help: Hi parents. Can I introduce avocado to my 8 month-old baby?


Adeline Tsan: My baby’s first food was avocado when she was 5.5 months old and she loves it.

Julia Yap: Yes u can! Puree it or just slice to give teething experience.

Elaine Leow: Of course! It’s packed full of nutrients!

Seraphine Melinda Lee: Definitely! In fact, some baby experts like Dr.Sears recommend avocado as baby first food. I gave my baby avocado since he was 6 months.

Hunny Castro : Yes, it’s good to make it part of your baby’s diet. Rich in vitamins. My baby liked it so much when I gave it to him at around the same age – 7 to 8 months

Yuni Lie: How do you all prepare the avocado?

Niken Almira Radja: Yes, that good for your baby, I always give my baby when he’s 6 months.

Corinne Schmidt-Chua: Of course! Great food… eat it plain, mixed with yogurt, spread on bread, spread on bread + sprinkle on some grated cheese and toast, add some diced tomato and serve with veg sticks as a dip… the possibilities are endless!

Joeyinn Lim: Wish to know more how you all parents prepare avocado for kids’ around 2 yrs old? Thanks

Francisca Yulie: Yes of course, it’s recommended by my tod’s doctor too.

Yanti Kristyanti Putranto: Yes, my baby 7 month now, he love avocado.

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