Bringing out the artists in your kids

Bringing out the artists in your kids

Every child can be an artist, you just got to know what to do to get your child to embrace their inner spark of creativity. Here are some suggestions how.

Bringing out the artists in your kidsArt is the language of children and you can be involved in helping them express that creativity with some great family activities.

How to encourage artistic child?

According to child development expert Maureen Healy, "A child learns to communicate, understand and discover their world initially through expressing their unique creativity."

We share some great artistic family bonding activities that you can do with your child no matter their age.


Your pre-schooler loves to get their hands dirty so let them get free and creative.
Here are some suggestions for art time with your little tyke.

1. Use plaster of Paris and a paper plate to create a permanent hand or footprint and have your child paint it his or her favourite colours. It's a great and inexpensive memento of your little one's growing hands and feet.

2. Pick out a blank T-shirt, apron or any piece of clothing and your favorite colour of permanent marker or fabric paint. Trace or print your tiny one's hand or foot on said clothing for a masterpiece that is also a keepsake.

3. You can also put up mahjong paper up on your walls and go crazy finger painting with your kid. Remember to use washable paint just in case.

Primary school

Primary school
Your primary-schoolers, might not need as much hand holding and they would like to assert their independence and creative thought. These are some creative activities that will allow them to express their individualism while still being involved in a family activity.

1.  Making picture frames with ice cream sticks. Your child can personalize these frames with all kinds of knick knacks such as alphabet macaroni, fabric, paint, glitter etc. The personalisation allows him/her to put their stamp of creativity into the frame. Furthermore, these frames make great gifts.

2. For something different and cool, try making drawings filled in with dots using colour markers, paint or even stickers. These pieces can create an optical illusion when you stand back to observe the new work of art.


Being a teenager doesn't signal exclusion from family activities, so here are a few ways to tap into your teen's creative soul while family bonding.

1. Make your very own candle. Teens can attempt to make their own candle with your supervision of course. All they need is some wax beads, pressed flowers or leaves and a wick.

2. Use some old white shirts and create a new outfit using the tie and dye method. The retro feel and relatively simple method (just tie and dye) just might pique your teen's interest to be involved and get creating their own new 'old-school' wardrobe. This activity would also be a great time for you to share some of your own teenage experiences with your child.


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Wafa Marican

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