Breastfeeding and breast cancer: What do you know about the link between the two?

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Breastfeeding can help reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. Read more about this topic in this article...

breastfeeding and breast cancer

It is important for women to understand the link between breastfeeding and breast cancer and how the former can help prevent the latter.

Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer among Singaporean women. According to Dr Esther Chuwa, a surgeon specialising in Breast diseases and Medical Director at the Esther Chuwa BreastCare Practice, Gleneagles Hospital —  about 1,400 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed in the country every year, which is equivalent to about five new cases everyday.

That’s not all. According to the National Cancer Centre Singapore, more than 25% of all cancers in women worldwide are of the breast.

Alarming statistics, right? What can we do to avoid being a victim of this disease?

Regular mammograms and learning how to self-examine your breasts are two common preventative measures. However, there is something else, unique to mums, that can help reduce the risk of breast cancer — breastfeeding.

Validated by research

We know the benefits of nursing are many, especially for your child. Breastfeeding also provides you, the mum, with a host of benefits that go beyond emotional satisfaction and bonding with your little one. These include helping your uterus shrink after you give birth and reducing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and cardiovascular disease.

And then of course, research also shows that breastfeeding can play a role in reducing rates of breast cancer among women. In fact, the longer you breastfeed (one year and beyond), the more you are protected against the risk of developing breast cancer, according to a comprehensive study published in The Lancet

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