Breakthrough with Alan Yip

Breakthrough with Alan Yip

The inspiring series by Alan Yip, Asia’s very own Anthony Robbins, is now out!

The inspiring series by Alan Yip, Asia’s very own Anthony Robbins, is now out!

Breakthrough with Alan Yip comes in a single box set, of the entire range of his thirteen 20-minute slots with 93.8FM, within the 6 CDs. The set is presented in a chilled-out interview style, so it doesn’t ever get boring, and you can switch it on while you’re in the car, etc, just as if the radio is on. Looks-wise, the box set generally is, to say the least, impressive. The fiery background sets the tone for the stirring 6 hours worth of tips, talks and motivational speeches. And no, the content doesn’t disappoint either.

Using an assortment of quotes, real life examples, and anecdotes, Alan brings across each one of his profound lessons in self-empowerment and moving towards success in a relaxed, personal style. The best thing about it is that his background is so easily relatable to the general population, and shows you that it doesn’t matter where you come from, because anyone can succeed if they want it enough.

And if you think it sounds like a load of fluffy, inspirational mumbo-jumbo, then we beg to differ. The charismatic speaker engages you with his range of immediately workable tips and tricks to push you towards discovering and successfully achieving your goals. The range of topics is also meant to target your children and their upbringing and development as well, and thus benefits not just you, but the whole family.

It’s an important lesson to learn, as Alan Yip says, “We always want to change other people, when the person we need to change is right in front of us, in the mirror.” So make a difference now, and achieve BREAKTHROUGH results with you life!

Breakthrough with Alan Yip is available for sale across all major bookstores in Singapore.

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